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1PW 1st Year Anniversary Report

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 22:16, Nov 10 2006

1PW's Anniversary Report (Saturday 14th October 2006) by Oliver Newman

Being a fan of consistent Wrestling, I have turned my attention towards Ring of Honor and 1 Pro Wrestling. Watching both companies live in August and March respectively. I realise now that you can find good Wrestling you just have to look for it. Hopefully you will have read my 1PW 1YA preview, lets see if the show was as good as I predicted.

1PW Fan Forum Question and Answer session

We arrived at the Doncaster Dome, where the fan slam was taking place at 12:30pm. After a quick walk around we entered the conference area where the fan slam was taking place. The fans were packing in to the point where there were no seats left for me and my friend. We got close to the front and stood next to the wall.

The Q and A Panel:

- Steve Gauntley (1PW booker)

- Steve Corino (1PW Champion)

- Colt Cabana (Team Shag member)

- Sterling James Keenan (1PW Wrestler)

- Chris Hamrick (Southern Comfort)

- Tracy Smothers (Southern Comfort)

- Jay Phoenix (1PW Wrestler)

Do you guys have any social faux pas being in different countries? SJK: "I can't stand the food over here, I stock up on fast food before I come over because I know I won't be eating for a few days". Chris Hamrick's response: "Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz".

What's your take on the new ECW, do you agree & like it or do you think it should have been left way back in 2001? Corino: "I like it I think it has been a good idea, it's not the original ECW, but Vince wants to make money. He is doing that through the ECW brand".

Is there anyone you wanted to sign for 1PW, but they refused? Steve G: "I can't say that's happened no, every wrestler we have ever asked has always agreed and always came back if we asked".

Out of every other promotion and federation throughout the world, what makes you all come back to 1PW? SJK: "Well I'll be the asshole and say it's for the money". Hamrick's response again: "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" Corino: "I love the fans energy, I feed on their passion, and in that respect it's very similar to ECW"

Jay Phoenix: "I come back because 1PW gives me some great opportunities to work and get my name around". Tracy Smothers: "I love this place and I love the fans here". Colt Cabana: "The fans, and there is no other place in Europe like 1PW".

Huge thanks to 1PW forum member DannyRodd for questions!

1PW Fight Club 3

Jamie Brum v Madman Manson - Two guys I have never seen Wrestle before. Madman has been showcased in 1rish Whip Wrestling on The Wrestling Channel (in the UK). But I have not come across him Wrestling until now, Brum I haven't seen before either.

Manson's entrance was out there, he came out in a straightjacket rolling around on the floor and just well being crazy! Match itself was fun, good opening match to start the action part of the day off.

Brum looked competitive and Manson was pulling some weird stuff (I.e. at one point he was actually Wrestling himself!!). Brum was trying to overcome the craziness that is Madman Manson but to no reward as Manson hit's a swinging Rock bottom for the 1,2 and 3!

Winner: Madman Manson

Non Title Tag Team Match

El Ligero & G-Man v Jonny Storm and Jody Fleisch ? - High octane and fast paced action that had the fans on the edge of their seats. El Ligero looked especially impressive, hitting some moves that even in 2006 I have not seen which is an impressive feat in it's own right. Jonny and Jody showed why they are the 1PW Tag Team Champions, by putting forth an impressive performance also.

El Ligero and G-Man did look competitive and gave Jonny and Jody a run for their money but in the end Jonny hit his signature move the Wonderwhirl on G-Man for the 1,2 and 3!

Winners: 1PW Tag Team Champions Jonny Storm and Jody Fleisch

Majik v Chris Hamrick

My first look at Majik, impressive performance was put forth from him as he looked competitive against the 1PW mainstay Chris Hamrick. The best match of the day thus far, it had a bit of everything, cheating from Damned Nation (Dragon Aisu and Gabriel Grey) Hamrick responded with a Cannonball over the top ropes onto them! This match also had some amazingly painful submissions by Hamrick on Majik.

Funny moment when the fans recited the famous Weathers Original advertisement with a rendition of "Magic moments" directed at Majik! A very good match, ended with Chris Hamrick hitting the Superkick for the 1,2 and 3!

Winner: Chris Hamrick


Damned Nation beatdown Southern Comfort until Colt Cabana and Darren Burridge (Team SHAG) make the save, leading directly into the next match Team SHAG v The Chavs.

Team SHAG v The Chavs - Funny moment when Burridge took off the cap of a Harry Mills, Colt took it off Darren, Colt took it off him and put it on the head of the referee! Good competitive match where both teams looked capable of getting the win! This was the match where fans chanted "Where's your A.S.B.O" directed at the Chavs (Anti Social Behaviour Order). Darren and Colt hit the dreaded double nipple twister on Mark Haskins!

Unfortunately the referee of the match counted to 3 on two occasions only to restart the match! That kind of screwed up the ending of the match, the Chavs picked up the win courtesy of outside interference from the Damned Nation. The Chavs and Damned Nation began a beat down of Team Shag until Southern Comfort and Jonny & Jody made the save!

Winners : The Chavs

1PW Title match

Jay Phoenix v Steve Corino ? - Jay Phoenix annoyed a lot of people with childish antics in 1PW and with this pissed off Samoa Joe! This was a different Jay Phoenix though more focused than ever before and ready for what may have been his one shot at becoming 1PW Champion.

Phoenix brought his 'A' game to the Doncaster dome and was matching Steve Corino for long periods of the contest. The point where Jay Phoenix's new attitude became apparent was when after some cheating Corino pushed Jay back into the corner and Jay was begging Corino to hit him!!! Corino would regain control of the match with a swift kick to the head. He was able to get the elusive 3 count to retain his 1PW Title!

Winner and still 1PW Champion Steve Corino


Corino grabs the microphone:

"Jay you are young, stupid but your awesome in the ring. If you work at it Jay, you could be in the main event of 1PW's 2nd Year Anniversary show, now be a man and shake my hand!". Jay refuses to shake Steve's hand and leaves the ring!

1PW 1 Year Anniversary show

El Ligero v El Generico - What a way to start a show! This was an insane match with fast paced lucha style Wrestling! Ligero doesn't look out of place in there with more experienced Generico. Both Wrestlers trade arm drags and other classic lucha style manoeuvres. Ligero goes to Amazing Red's playbook and hit's the Code Red for a close near fall!

Match keeps up fever pitch like style until Ligero hit's a hurracanrana and then finishes off Generico with a jumping DDT off the ropes for the 1,2 and 3! In what ended a very good opening match! The two men shake hands after the match in a show of respect.

Winner: El Ligero

Rematch from Fight Club 3:

Jamie Brum v Madman Manson - Manson starts off the match by Wrestling himself!! Twisting his own arm in a hammerlock, this has to be seen to be believed! Brum is literally freaked out by what he sees, and tries to regain the advantage by bashing Manson's head into the turnbuckle but as Brum stops Manson continues to bash his own head into the turnbuckle!

Match was quite quick actually and ends with Manson's move which was like a combination of Colt 45 and Michinoku Driver for the 1,2 and 3!

Winner: Madman Manson

The 1PW 1YA Music Video started up. After that some familiar 1PW music starts up: "What's it all for" and out comes the returning Anthony Kingdom James who walks out carrying a 1PW 1YA Cake!!!

He talks a little bit about the memories he has had in 1PW before he is interrupted by???? The Flawless One Jay Phoenix, armed with a present.

James opens the box to find a pillow with his face on. He gains a measure of revenge for all the people Jay has hit with said object by wrapping it around Phoenix's head.

James v Phoenix - In an impromptu match that didn't last very long Jay Phoenix pins Kingdom James with a powerbomb for the 1,2 and 3!

Winner: Jay Phoenix


Phoenix continues the attack until James cuts him off knocking him down. James then picks up the cake and places it in the ring. Kingdom James Curb Stomps Phoenix into the 1PW 1YA Cake!!

Team Supreme - Jack Storm and Dave Moralez attack someone in the locker room, we later find out that man was Samoa Joe. With this Team Supreme ask and then demand to be a part of Sterling James Keenan's Dream Tag Team Partner match.

Tag Team Challenge Gauntlet

Dan Head and Max Voltage (Maximum Head) v Mark Sloan and Ollie Burns (Entourage)

Good start to the gauntlet, nice technical Wrestling with some impressive high impact moves (Fujiwawa armbar from Burns on Voltage). This match ended with an impressive four move combination: Kick, Enzuguri, Head Kick and Kick in the Head by Sloan for the 1,2 and 3!

Winners and Advancing: Entourage

The Chavs v Entourage - The Chavs run in and jump Ollie Burns from the start! This was a good match where The Chavs were impressive and Entourage gave them a run for their money.

Some impressive moves were utilized in this match including: Senshi's 'Way of the Warrior' (Double foot stomp) by Mark Sloan on Mark Haskins. To no avail though as The Chavs win with help of a baseball bat shot and advance to the next match.

Winners and Advancing: The Chavs

Pain Inc (Ruffneck and Joey Hayes) v The Chavs - Pain Inc have the size advantage and use this to full effect with a brutal bear hug DDT combination.

Match ends with an impressive combination move by The Chavs (Hurricane DDT by Mark Haskins onto Harry Mills knees) for the 1,2 and 3!

Winners and Advancing: The Chavs

Damned Nation v The Chavs - Last two teams in the gauntlet. The Chavs attack the Damned Nation from behind. Good match where Dan James was finally neutralised by Gabriel Grey. The finish comes with an underhook driver for the 1,2 and 3! Just for good measure Grey hits Head with Baseball bat!

Winners and New No1 Contenders: Damned Nation

Video comes on the screen: Dustin Rhodes and Chris Daniels have food poisoning!!! Loud booing can be heard.

"Coming to the ring from Hollywood, California, wait a sec?" It's Goldustin!!! Oh my god! "He's hot, he's spicy, he tastes great Curryman!!! No way!

Goldustin v Curryman - This was a very good match with a lot of comedy involved! Curryman dances with ref during an armlock. Fans are immersed in the action also with dual chants "Lets go Curryman, Lets go Goldust". Funny moment when Curryman and Goldustin try to stamp on each other's feet, they can't, so they both stamp on the ref's feet!

More comedy moments, Goldustin kicks the ref but this time the ref kicks back! Match gets more serious as Curryman hit's the STO and Best Ever Moonsault but Goldustin kicks out after a long 2 count. Finish comes when Goldustin hit's the Curtain Call for the 1,2, and 3!

Winner: Goldustin

European Death Match

Iceman v Ulf Herman v Martin Stone - This match was just insane! Fighting all over the arena and with all kinds of weapons. It got to the point where the fans from one side couldn't see the action so a loud 'Cameraman sucks' chant starts up! Some innovative weapons were utilized during the match with..... Ulf hitting Stone with a Vacuum Cleaner to his groin!!!

More innovative use of weapons at ringside, when Ulf piledrove Iceman on the top of a car bonnet, but even that couldn't end the match as Stone broke up the count after a long 2 count! Stone would go on to be victorious in the match with a Trashcan shot to Iceman's head for the 1,2 and 3!

Winner: Martin Stone


Stone and Herman shake hands but Iceman refuses.

Sterling James Keenan and Team Supreme (Jack Storm & Dave Moralez) v Samoa Joe, Spud and Dark side - With Joe taken out of the action earlier in the night this match turned into a 3-2 match, after Darkside volunteered to help out his friend Spud. The disadvantage was seemingly to much for the young duo but when all hope seemed lost Samoa Joe returned to the action!

Joe took control of the match and he and Spud took out Storm and Moralez. Leaving Darkside against SJK, unfortunately for the youngster he was not matching SJK on this night. SJK ends the match with an MK Ultra for the 1,2 and 3!

Winners: SJK and Team Supreme


"Sterling James Keenan your opponent for January 13th 2007 is The Great Muta!!!!" Great Muta video plays as SJK looks on in disbelief!

Pac's proving match

AJ Styles v Pac - The biggest match of Pac's career thus far! Handshake to start off. Match becomes a game of chess with both men seeking but not gaining the advantage that is until AJ hits his signature dropkick which knocks Pac for a loop. AJ takes control of the match and shows he can use submission moves in his arsenal also.

Pac tries to up the pace and with this he takes control of the match, Pac shows his amazing athleticism with a Sky twister press from the top rope to AJ at ringside!! "This is awesome" chants start up. Last few minutes are frantic as both men look for that killer move to end the match.

Dragon suplex attempt by Pac, AJ blocks. AJ then hit's a lot of vicious knees to Pac's midsection and then nails the Stylesclash for the 1,2 and 3!

Winner: AJ Styles


AJ picks up the microphone: "You brought yourself to the next level tonight and you have got an awesome future ahead of you" with that AJ Styles and Pac shake hands.

3 way ladder match for the 1PW Tag Team Titles

Team Shag (Darren Burridge and Colt Cabana) v Southern Comfort (Tracy Smothers and Chris Hamrick) v Jonny Storm and Jody Fleisch ? - Tracy Smothers "Lets have ourselves a good old fashioned dance off". Dance off was fun Tracy was leading the guys, and we got to see the alligator (this has to be seen to be believed).

Just as the match was picking up Damned Nation interfere as Smothers and Hamrick are climbing the ladder. As Smothers and Hamrick chase Damned Nation away from ringside, Jody, Jonny, Cabana and Burridge are left to fight for the 1PW Tag Titles. Jonny and Jody use their high flying skills to keep Burridge and Cabana down. (With a rewind hurracanrana and leapfrog leg drop respectively).

Southern Comfort renter the fray, but they can't stop Team Shag. With two power bombs on Jonny and Jody, Cabana and Burridge climb the ladders and become 1PW Tag Champions for the 1st time!

Winners and New 1PW Tag Team Champions Colt Cabana & Darren Burridge (Team S.H.A.G.)

No Rope Barbed Wire Hell for the 1PW Title

Abyss v Steve Corino ? - This match was just brutal! Words can't express how much both men wanted to win and possibly maim the other! This match wasn't for the faint at heart, both men waged war over the 1PW Title. Corino used the barbed wire to his advantage with a drop toe hold on Abyss onto the barbed wire.

Abyss didn't think that was sick enough and pours water onto the bleeding back of Corino!! The barbed wire chair from Invincible comes into play as Abyss smacks Corino upside the head with it, 1,2222222222 but Corino kicks out.

Frustration grows in Abyss as he can't put Corino away. Team Supreme get involved in the match with light tubes. Corino takes one straight to his forehead putting him down but a long 2 count later and he kicks out once more! Corino has taken one too many shots! No he fights back with all he has even setting up a table with a barbed wire board ontop. Abyss catches Corino in a choke slam on the board (it doesn't break!!) and follows up with a big splash for the 1,2 and 3!

Winner and New 1PW Champion Abyss


Team Supreme beat down of Steve Corino until Keenan interjects himself to help with the beat down. No SJK fights off Team Supreme! He then takes the microphone: "I thought the fans were nothing but the more I wrestled and the respect I was shown, I now realise that the fans mean everything!".

The 1PW Wrestlers join Steve Corino in the ring! Corino pays homage to the lockeroom leader Tracy Smothers and then with a lot of effort finally gets Steven Gauntley into the ring, "Thank you Steven and 1PW chants" echo as the show concludes.

Overall Thoughts:

A truly great show, where with Wrestling me and 1,784 more people were thoroughly entertained. El Ligero showed in both Fight Club and 1YA matches that he is a star in the making. AJ v Pac was the show stealer everyone thought it would be and although it is overused a sure fire Match of the Year candidate! Corino and Abyss practically killed themselves for the 1PW Fans in a truly brutal barbed wire match!

Thank you all, I hope enjoyed reading this article, If you would like to give feedback, feel free to leave comments in my blog, message me or if you are not on myspace you can email me at a_fans_perspective@hotmail.co.uk

Oliver Newman

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