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In Your Head Bigredish Shoot Interview 02/11/07

Posted in Fan Shoot Interviews by Jack at 03:11, Feb 12 2007

Conducted by Slartibardfast

The following is a edited transcript of the shoot interview of Bigredish that took place on 02/1107. Changes made to the original text were done by Slartibardfast solely for the purposes of correcting grammar, misspellings, and maintaining basic sentence structure. All efforts have been made to keep the original meaning and context of all of Bigredish?s responses, and the interviewers comments and questions.

Slartibardfast: Do you have an opening statement?
Bigredish: Yes, I have never in my life played Bigfoot Tag with a man.

Slartibardfast: That's good to know, keep up the good work. Why did you want to do a shoot interview?
Bigredish: Well... it all goes back to about 8 minutes ago when I decided I wanted people to stop thinking I'm a one cereal man.... so here I am.

Slartibardfast: Fair enough. What was your best experience on the IYH board?
Bigredish: Hmmm... well having about 6,000 posts I have to think for a moment, but I would put it somewhere between the time JHL signed up, or when I joined Wally corp.

Slartibardfast: Were you sad to see the corp. disband? What was special about JHL?
Bigredish: Well, when Buck left and Wally did it was sad, but I feel me and flea grew closer in a 100% heterosexual way, and as for JHL, everything except the computer lingo is great. All you other people who say "lol" deserve to burn.

Slartibardfast: What was your worst experience on the IYH board?
Bigredish: It doesn't matter, that damn Incher is condoning Bigfoot Tag, it's all hell!

Slartibardfast: Of the people who have left the board since you have been there, whom do you miss the most and why?
Bigredish: Well, I know when duckman left it was pretty bad, Mrs. Big red machine, and now Shinma is gone, but when that Slarti guy was getting his computer repaired it was the worst time for all of IYH.

Slartibardfast: Those were dark days indeed. How did you find IYH?
Bigredish: Well, when I used to watch wrestling I had added just about everyone on my myspace, and I stumbled upon MNM. I have never heard it ever, but they posted a bulletin for a contest. Anyway, I get a message from Jack telling me to go down to the IYH message board, and ever since I have been unable to leave forum, now all I want to do is be on the forum. Can you tell jack I read that just like he wrote it? Thank you. I just left a huge gap in the story, oh well.

Slartibardfast: I'm sure Jacks got his $5 worth. So Jack told you about the board, but what made you decide to sign up and participate there? You could have signed up on any number of other places.
Bigredish: Well, at this point I had thought I was gonna sign up and only come on every so often, but then I liked it so much I stayed. I also I believe I met the Jack that day. I thought he was awesome. Then I realized I was confusing Jack with the Flea.

Slartibardfast: Jack is going to want his $5 back. What is the board?s biggest misconception of you?
Bigredish: Well, they all seem to think I act like an 8 year old, which is just not true, I jst don't type whell.

Slartibardfast: Are you opposed to spell check software? What grade did you get in English class last semester?
Bigredish: Well, I used to have one, but people got tired of me. Admit it, if they don't have me to point out misspelled words, they don't want me. ADMIT IT! And I do good in English class, the secret is to write papers in different languages; they never realize I am writing in Klingon.

Slartibardfast: So you use poor penmanship to cover up poor spelling, very clever. What is the board?s most accurate conception of you?
Bigredish: Well, they all seem to believe I'm a 90's kid with 80's cereal, for that I applaud you IYH message board.

Slartibardfast: In a chat room no one can hear you applaud. What was the best thing to happen in wrestling last year?
Bigredish: I stopped watching it. HA! Well, I gotta say, finally giving Rey Mysterio a push made me happy even thought they squashed him with the belt, and Chris Beniot came back. Other than that... meh.

Slartibardfast: What was the worst thing to happen in wrestling last year?
Bigredish: One word: Bobby Lashley. Wait how many words does Bobby count as?

Slartibardfast: Anyone who has watched ECW of late knows that Bobby doesn't count for much of anything!
Bigredish: Burn!

Slartibardfast: Name your favorite wrestler in each of these promotions Raw, Smackdown, ECW, and TNA.
Bigredish: Raw: Super Crazy, Smackdown: Benoit, ECW: Sandman, TNA: AJ Styles.

Slartibardfast: Name the most underrated wrestler in each of these promotions Raw, Smackdown, ECW, and TNA.
Bigredish: Raw: Jeff Hardy, (hardcore IYH fans will get that one), Smackdown: Paul London, ECW: Bob Holly, TNA: Jeff Jarrett.

Slartibardfast: Name the most overrated wrestler in each of these promotions Raw, Smackdown, ECW, TNA
Bigredish: Raw: Cena, Smackdown: Undertaker, ECW: Technically Lashley, TNA: Nobody, they get what they work for. (So does that mean they get paid by hour?)

Slartibardfast: Hey, I'll make the jokes around here! What do you hope to see more of on the board this year?
Bigredish: A few things, fangirls, Albino rappers, and more flaming people who aren?t around, just like our fore fathers.

Slartibardfast: Four fathers? You must be broke on Father?s Day. See, it's better if I do the jokes.
Bigredish: Fine, I'll just do the rim shots from now on then.

Slartibardfast: What do you hope to see less of on the board this year?
Bigredish: I hope to see less pedophiles and fewer jokes at the expense of the high pitched people on the board; they have rights too ya know.

Slartibardfast: Do you think the high-pitched will band together and fight the intolerance?
Bigredish: Only if they find some less tight fitting underwear first.

Slartibardfast: So much for fewer jokes at their expense. Ok, these are the last four questions and they are going to be tough. What is the best form of Star Trek: the original, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, or Enterprise?
Bigredish: Are you kidding? The original pwns all others. That was the best of it all, live with it.

Slartibardfast: Best space saga: Star Wars, Star Trek, or Battle Star Galactica?
Bigredish: Star Wars. Chewbacca is the reason I am not emo, (long story).

Slartibardfast: When you turn 21 and get into your first bar fight, which IYH host do you want to be there to back you up?
Bigredish: Well, in the case of IYH, I will go with Incher; he seems to be the best choice. Jack is not a fighter, and Barbie is a smoker; (he'd be a little easy, plus I think he'd be helping the other guy), but the OIB knows.

Slartibardfast: Ok, last question: Which IYH host do you think you can take in a fight and why?
Bigredish: Ok, well Incher would probably be a shooter, so I'll take him out of the equation. Barbie would probably use the "hold back with hand" tactic which has gotten me every time, so Jack, I'm sorry to say.... wait, didn't The name that we don't want mentioned anymore consider himself the other host? That's disturbing, but anyone who can't take him doesn't deserve to not be raped.

Slartibardfast: This interview started with talk of Bigfoot Tag, so I guess it's only fitting to end it that way. Do you have a closing statement?
Bigredish: Yes. Thank you IYH for accepting the freaks perverts, idiots and everyone! Let me finish by giving the chant of the pinhead:
Gabba Gabba, We accept you, We accept you, One of us
Gabba Gabba, We accept you, We accept you, One of us.... Except for "Dylan"

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