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The Hottest Female Pro Wrestling Free Agent

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 18:00, Feb 12 2007

Interview with Vyper by Tim Miller

At twenty years of age, standing 5?7? and hailing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida describes the hottest female free agent in pro wrestling, Vyper. A beautiful, but vicious youngster with a lovely smile that hides her ruthless attitude is looking for the next step in her professional wrestling career. Currently wrestling for local independents, Vyper is preparing to move to Georgia where she will compete for WWA4 and someday hope to make it to the big time of either World Wrestling Entertainment or Total Nonstop Action.

Wrestling can be a very aggressive, to a downright brutal career. So why would anyone want to take up this activity? ?I have always enjoyed the sport, and I just have such a passion for it. My heart is in it, and I think that will help me go far,? says Vyper. This hell raising vixen also states that she wants to make her grandfather proud, as he was once a huge fan of professional wrestling as well. Beings her grandfather was a fan, Vyper had the blood of a wrestling fan in her as well. Growing up she idolized wrestlers such as Bret ?the Hitman? Hart, Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, ?Nature Boy? Ric Flair, Vader, ?The Heartbreak Kid? Shawn Michaels, and The Undertaker. No combination spoke louder to Vyper then Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit. The matches between those two were the most memorable that led to Vyper becoming a pro herself.

Step one was deciding that she wanted to proceed with becoming a wrestler. Step two, training to become a pro. Various people lent their hands in training this Fort Lauderdale native. About her training regiment, Vyper said, ?Training is tough, but you want it, you do it!? Vyper had her match against a women?s wrestler named Angel, who Vyper credits to be a tough worker, as well as one of her favorite opponents. Asked who are your favorite opponents, Vyper replied, ?Oh geez. All of them.?

Currently living her dream, Vyper wrestles as well as manages. She likes to start out as a manager, but then interfere with her clients, and then fight them. As for tag team wrestling, ?Yes and No. I like to do my own thing.? Vyper finds tag team wrestling boring, and wants to make a name on her own. To do this she performs moves such as the spear of the Vyper- Eyezer, while portraying either a loveable face, or a vicious vixen of a heel. ?I?m basically both. I can love you, but mess with me and I?ll hate ya.?

As for the future, Vyper will be performing in Italy on July 28th, and hopes to one day make it to the big time. Whether it is WWE, TNA, or WSX, Vyper has her own opinions on each:
WWE: ?Goin down the tubes. A WWE diva can be anything these days. Victoria, Trish Stratus those are true wrestler divas. The ones they have today are just upcoming Playboy models.?

TNA: ?Going up the tubes.?

Wrestling Society X: I enjoy. I hope good things for it.

When asked, what makes you appealing to wrestling promotions around the world, Vyper suggested, ?I have an attitude. I can handle myself well in this business. I have made my mistakes. But I own up to them. And keep going.?

Keep an eye out for Vyper for the next couple of years. She is young and feisty, but is mastering her craft every time she steps in that ring. She has great in ring ability, a sexy look, and creative genes that will help her succeed in this business. Memo to independent promoters: take a look at this girl when trying to fill a women?s division. She is well on her way to being a true women?s champion.

Timothy ?T- Money? Miller
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