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Comcast ON DEMAND gets WSXtastic!

Posted in News by Jack at 21:11, Feb 24 2007

Relive the first two glorious weeks of Wrestling Society X ? any time!

Episodes one, two and WSXtra one, two now available for viewing ON DEMAND!

For fans of Wrestling Society X that can't get enough of the high flying, fast paced explosive action and excitement of WSX, finally you can slow the action down! For those who have not been able to witness the next generation of professional wrestling, your wish has come true! As Wrestling Society X is now available ON DEMAND function of Comcast Cable Television. Comcast digital cable subscribers can enjoy WSX at anytime by clicking on Television Programming ? MTV ? Wrestling Society X and relive or see for the first time the FIRST EVER WSX RUMBLE, Matt Sydal vs. Jack Evans, and WSXtra Episode one featuring Human Torando vs. Luke Hawx vs. Puma. In addition witness Vampiro and 6-Pac's war for the WSX Championship, That 70's Team vs. Team Dragon Gate, and Human Torando vs. Luke Hawx in episode two. Finally on WSXtra two ? the best wrestling internet show ever; the sensitive heartbreakers of D.I.F.H. face the fun lovin' Trailer Park Boyz as well Matt Classic makes his ON DEMAND debut against the cocky coverboy Matt Sydal in a fantastic contest. You can pause the action and watch it on your own time. WSX whenever you want it! With new episodes available a few weeks after they air Tuesday Nights at 10:30 EST/PST on MTV! WSX ON DEMAND is COMCASTIC!

Don't forget, this Tuesday Night 10:30 EST and PST, the return of Wrestling Society X on MTV! This week, an episode which is red-hot full of controversy! Tell all your friends, tell all your pets, let everyone know the most insane half hour with the next generation of wrestling stars is on Tuesday at 10:30 on MTV!

Preview for Episode Four of Wrestling Society X

Last week, fuel in the form of Tables Ladders and Cerveza was added to the Wrestling Society X fire! The smoke signals coming out of the WSX Bunker spoke volumes! Just in case you can't read smoke signals, let me translate for you, "The action is getting hotter, faster, louder, and more insane!" Wrestling Society X is taking names and truly television changing Tuesday nights!' This week on Wrestling Society X, we promise more debuts, challenges, high flying, last and certainly not least, more Wamp Wamp!

"The Cocky Coverboy" Matt Sydal (with Lizzy Valentine) vs. "The Greatest" Scorpio Sky
Last week on WSXtra we were not so-formally introduced to the winner of the "Most Likely to Succeed" and "Best Athlete" Awards from Montclair High (Class of 2000 Rulez!), the one and only Scorpio Sky! "The Greatest" also an impression and his pager number on an autographed 8X10 to WSXtra host Lacey who probably hung it up on her bedroom wall next to her autographed picture of Corey Haim signed by Corey Feldman. Anyway, Scorpio showed last week that he can talk the talk against Matt Classic, but can he walk the walk? The man with the skillz to pay the billz is going to have a tough test ahead as he will be facing someone as cocky as he is. - the cover star of the June 2004 issue of International Male Catalog, Matt Sydal! With his beautiful girlfriend Lizzy Valentine in tow (who if you believe PerezHilton.com and EgoTastic.com has got a new outfit to debut this week) are looking forward to avenging the heartbreaking loss to Jack Evans three weeks ago. These two New Generation stars will be taking to the air and to the mat in a ballet of wrestling excellence, as tonight you will bear witness to this classic battle between arrogance vs. ego!

TAG TEAM CHALLENGE? Will Keepin' It Gangsta (Babi Slymm & Ruckus) keep it real?
When we last turned into WSXtra, we saw Keepin' It Gangsta show up late to the WSX party, and saw the wreckage of the Tables Ladders and Cerveza match. Broken bottles, broken tables, crushed dreams (well you couldn't see them, but our sources say they were there!), and a ladder which was stolen I mean "borrowed" by mischievous Ruckus. We've heard rumblings this week they're looking to call out any tag team in the WSX Bunker! In an exclusive interview with WSX.MTV.COM, Babi Slymm told us "I don't care, I want some asses tonight! We might have been late to the party last week, but according to my totally blinged out $20,000 watch, its time to watch a team get?" He paused for a second, looked at Ruckus, then when Ruckus had a "what did I do now?" look and hit Ruckus in the head "K.T.F.O.!" Babi also said "I don't care which team gets us tonight, weather it's the emo boys and their eyeliner, disco and his balls, those rednecks and their jug full of moonshine, or those goofy looking pigeons (WSX.MTV.COM did not ask for elaboration on which team he was talking about). Any team is steppin up; you're going down to 'The King of Bling' and the "Regulator of the Ring.' Because that's how we do it, and when we do it, you know we always KEEP IT GANGTSA! Babi then did a lovely little dance to end off the interview.

El Hombre Blanco Enmascarado vs. The Human Tornado
Two of Wrestling Society X's most exciting high flying up and comers will rumble in which looks on paper to be the makings of a classic battle. The Human Tornado, the pride and joy of Hollywood?Alabama, and the joy of every single one of his torandHOs, makes his triumphant return to the WSX Bunker. This time, the P-I-M-P is going to be facing the man with the M-A-S-K from just North of the Border, El Hombre Blanco Enmascarado. Looking to avenge his loss last week to the undefeated Jack Evans, EHBE (a nickname for El Hombre which will never stick) has challenged the only other undefeated next generation singles star in WSX and s looking forward to lucha libre engagement with the wrestling storm system known has Human Tornado. However, Tornado has had some experience in Lucha Libre, as he played the role of El Snowflake in Nacho Libre. This is no Hollywood production, this is Wrestling Society X! Can the Tornado get another impressive victory or is this El Hombre's time to shine and do his celebratory hat dance? We will soon find out!

UPDATE: Word on the street is that Sean "6-Pac" Waltman will be back in the WSX Bunker this week, and this degenerate isn't too happy about WSX Champion Vampiro piledriving him into an EXPLODING COFFIN to win the title!

Plus Clipse performs their smash hit Wamp Wamp! What it Do! What It Do!

Also, check out the other half of the delicious pie of WSX goodness, known as WSXtra . . . hosted by Lacey and ring announcer Fabian Kailen and featuring recaps, interviews and bonus matches. This week, it's a WSXtra homecoming for D.I.F.H ("Hardcore" Tyler Black & "Soft Hair" Jimmy Jacobs) however it might be the emotional night as they have to face the Japanese homecoming kings from Team Dragon Gate in Yoshino and Horiguchi! Can Jimmy Jacobs keep his eyes on the prize rather then the cute girl in the front row who looks like she makes a great grilled cheese sandwich or are DIFH, in the words of the immortal Winger, "Headed for a Heartbreak?" In addition, last time on WSXtra we met newcomer Marcus Riot and saw him meet his idol Jack Evans outside the WSX Bunker. However, after he gave the Ariel Emperor his "best of" DVD, Marcus left with bad taste after Jack's first lesson and low blow about how to get into Wrestling Society X. But the Prince of Parkland was not completely heartless. He was able to get Riot a match on the show this week. The only catch ? it will be against Evans himself! Will Jack administer another lesson to young Marcus as they meet for a one on one match up? Check it out online at WSX.MTV.COM

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