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Rogue Shoot Interview

Posted in Fan Shoot Interviews by Jack at 20:57, Apr 14 2007

Conducted by Slartibardfast

The following is an edited transcript of the shoot interview of Rouge, conducted by Slartibardfast, which took place on 04/14/07. Changes made to the original text were done by Slartibardfast, solely for the purposes of correcting grammar, misspellings, maintaining basic sentence structure and conversational flow. All efforts have been made to keep the original meaning and context of Rogue?s responses, and Slartibardfast?s comments and questions.

Slartibardfast: Ok question 1: Would you like to make an opening statement?
Rogue: I would just like to say that if anyone makes fun of me, hurtings will be in order [smiling emoticon removed].

Slartibardfast: Good thing I have a large supply of bandages one hand. Question 2: How did you discover IYH?
Rogue: I got an email from Jack asking me to listen to these guys. He didn't tell me it was he. I tried to download it a couple of times but I was on dial-up at the time. Well, I got on IM one day and he asked if I had listened, I said too long too download. He pleaded with me. So I downloaded it and waited, and waited, and waited. Well, I could tell it was him. He asked if I could join the board because there were not many on, so I did. That is how.

Slartibardfast: Ok, so Jack asked you to join IYH, but how did you know Jack?
Rogue: Oh, well that is an even longer story; you sure you want to hear it?

Slartibardfast: Sure, give the short condensed version. You know: it was stormy night, and I saw this guy at the end of the bar...
Rogue: Well, way back; hmm year 2000? Think it was then I got my first computer. I decided to bite the bullet and have one at home. I went into the MSN chat room called TV. However, that is the last thing they ever talked about. I met Jack, Kane and Robo there. Then after about a year I took a 3 year break from the net. However, I still emailed Jack from time to time and he me. I came back around the time that OIB and Jack started IYH.

Slartibardfast: OK, so Jack asked you to come to the message board, but you could have just popped in from time to time, just to be polite. What made you want to participate so much there?
Rogue: It was fun. I needed fun. If it wasn't worth it I would not have hung around, but I do think the guys are funny and great talkers. It is the first message board I had been a part of though. I think the people that are there made it fun too.

Slartibardfast: What IYH event /message board occurrence brought you the most joy?
Rogue: Wow. Joy? IYH? Ummm, am thinking? thinking more?

Slartibardfast: Take your time. Have a sip of milk.
Rogue: Good Idea. I have ginger nuts here too.
Slartibardfast: Your gong to get crumbs in your keyboard. I bet if you turned it over and shook it, last weeks snacks would fall out.

Rogue: I think the day you joined Slarti. Was a day to remember [eye rolling emoticon removed]. When was it again?
Slartibardfast: Nice try, but it's too late to butter me up now. Try again.

Rogue: I think when they first announced they would be doing the WNL show. I think they knew they were respected then. First live show. I mean.. it was good.

Slartibardfast: What IYH event/message board occurrence was brought you the most sadness/disappointment?
Rogue: I think we know that one, [punching emoticon removed], do I have to say the name?
Slartibardfast: Understood.

Slartibardfast: What is your personal proudest IYH moment?
Rogue: When I won the favourite foreign fan award, I think. Are you going to take out my ?u?s?
Slartibardfast: Your ?u?s? Not sure what you mean.
Rogue: ?Favourite?. You guys spell it ?favorite?.
Slartibardfast: I have set up my PC to automatically correct all foreign English spellings [smiling emoticon removed]. As I said once before, we speak American around here [smiling emoticon removed]!

Slartibardfast: What is your personal greatest IYH regret?
Rogue: Colt Cabana; didn't get to call in. I had to work. Also, calling in kills two birds with one stone. I annoy Krusher at the same time [smiling emoticon removed].

Slartibardfast: That must have hurt; you?re his biggest fan on the board.
Rogue: I think he is such a great entertainer, and for a big man, he is pretty agile. He makes me laugh.

Slartibardfast: Do you take pride in annoying Krusher? Do you make your accent more pronounced just to get at him?
Rogue: Yes. If I could, I would be the announcer on his police two way [smiling emoticon removed]. I don't have an accent by the way. You guys do [raspberry emoticon removed].
Slartibardfast: LOL, if you say so...
Rogue: I like that in a man [smiling emoticon removed].
Slartibardfast: I'm Slarti, what's not to like [smiling emoticon removed]?

Slartibardfast: What activity(s) would you like to see more of on IYH this year?
Rogue: I would like to have a swear jar and a meanie jar. This way, IYH would be able to afford that new wrestling federation in no time. Was that too mean? Am I going to have to be the first person to put money in that jar?
Slartibardfast: No, not at all.

Slartibardfast: So you?re not a fan of the potty mouths on the message board. Would you like to see the "smite" button make a return?
Rogue: No, then everyone would have negative scores. People would smite the bad and good ones just to smite; people can get smite crazy. Seriously though, it is up to everyone. I don't worry about it to tell you the truth.

Slartibardfast: What activity(s) would you like to see less of on IYH this year?
Rogue: Fighting. I hate the fighting. I hate the pages and pages and more pages of people insulting and hating each other. But I think everyone knows that, and I am pretty sure I am not the only one that thinks that way.

Slartibardfast: Do you read those exchanges?
Rogue: Not a lot. Sometimes, but on most occasions no.

Slartibardfast: Your one of a very small number of women who regularly post on the board, why do you think there are so few females at IYH?
Rogue: I think the fighting. I maybe wrong, but I think so. Or certain people whom no longer post there now.
Slartibardfast: I don't think that "cheeseburger" post from a few days ago is helping either [smiling emoticon removed].
Rogue: Oh that. Yes, but that is men.

Slartibardfast: Do the women of the IYH board secretly send private messages to each other, and if so what are they about?
Rogue: No, I hardly ever get PM from the other ladies. I did talk to Katie Vick about Sims and Red also.

Slartibardfast: Hmmm, I was sure you were plotting against us...
Rogue: We are, just not on the message board [smiling emoticon removed].
Slartibardfast: Ok, well in that case I won't worry as much.

Slartibardfast: How did you develop an interest in wrestling?
Rogue: I have never really like WWE a lot. I don't know; just don't find it that entertaining. However, I like Ring of Honor. A guy sent me a link to a ROH match, a Colt one, and I really liked it; I bought some more. I just enjoy watching it more. More athletic. Better bodies etc.

Slartibardfast: Better bodies? Are you watching the wrestling, or just guys in tight shorts?
Rogue: Well I really find the WWE bodies tooooooooooooooooo big. Toooooooooooooo muscley. Hmm, tight shorts help [smiling emoticon removed]. You haven't seen Aussie Rules footy have you? They wear them too.
Slartibardfast: I have, but I was watching the carnage. I never noticed the shorts, but apparently your watching them enough for both of us [smiling emoticon removed].

Slartibardfast: So is ROH the only thing you watch regularly?
Rogue: You mean in normal TV or wrestling?

Slartibardfast: Wrestling.
Rogue: I recently found they are showing WSX on channel V here. Going to tape that and watch it [smiling emoticon removed].

Slartibardfast: We will assume you watch soap operas all day.
Rogue: OMG, no. Unlike one person I know that got hooked on General Hospital [raspberry emoticon removed]. I don't watch soap opera's. Not saying I never did. I just get fidgety in front of TV.

Slartibardfast: Any guy who watches General Hospital is a wuss! Glad I'm not that guy.
Rogue: I have watched it. There was a Greek guy in it.... once.

Slartibardfast: Who are among your favorite wrestlers and why?
Rogue: Colt, because he is so damn entertaining. He has the gift of the gab for sure. I also like CM Punk. His last match at ROH with Colt was touching [smiling emoticon removed]. Don't ask me names because I only know their faces. I have watched Generation X. I liked them. There is a Japanese wrestler I like, forget his name though. I am not good with names. I am digging a deep hole for myself here.
I am putting something in my milk [raspberry emoticon removed].
Slartibardfast: You would do better with their names if you weren't spending so much time looking at their shorts [smiling emoticon removed].

Slartibardfast: What is your opinion of women in wrestling?
Rogue: American women in wrestling I have not seen much of, only on WWE, and I am not sure if they could be deemed wrestlers. Maybe I am wrong. I don't pretend to be an expert or even close, but after watching Japanese women wrestlers; well you would understand. Now I know what Jack's stance is on all this, and we will not go there, or I will be here all night [winking emoticon removed].

Slartibardfast: That's why I asked. Here he can't cut you off, and start ranting.
Rogue: Ohhh, there have been many of times he has started talking over the top of me. Guess what I do?
Slartibardfast: What do you do?
Rogue: I hang up on him lol, or stop talking to him for a week. One of the two [smiling emoticon removed], or both
Slartibardfast: Your tough.
Rogue: Hey, you try talking to someone and all he does is talk OVER the top of you, doesn't let you finish your sentence; is damn annoying [raspberry emoticon removed].
Slartibardfast: Next time try blowing a whistle into the phone.
Rogue: Hey, that is a good idea [smiling emoticon removed].

Slartibardfast: Does it bother you that you have to get up early 5 days a week, drag yourself into work, and put in a hard 8 hours in order to support yourself, while Jack rolls out of bed a noon, and spends about 30 minutes at the post office, mailing off a few basketball jerseys? (Yes, this is a setup question designed to give you an opportunity to attack someone).
Rogue: Yah, when he says, I have had a hard day I scoff. I say: Did you have to catch a damn train with people sneezing, coughing, and sniffing? Did you have sit next to a guy who is just about sitting on top of you? Did you stand up in front of 20 people and give a damn presentation? Did you? No, so quit complaining [smiling emoticon removed].

Slartibardfast: Well, it's almost been an hour; are you ready for the second to last question?
Rogue: Hang on... took a swig of milk. Ok... hit me with it.

Slartibardfast: Who is better husband material: OIB, Jack, Barbie, or Dish, and why? [Time passes] Oh dear, I hope she didn't pass out...
Rogue: Dish is out, he is 14 and I think he would find that me talking about husband material would totally freak him out.

Slartibardfast: That leaves 3.
Rogue: Ok... next one.. Barbie. Barbie is not husband material at this moment in time. He is too young to settle down. He needs to sow his wild oats, live a little [smiling emoticon removed].

Slartibardfast:7:58 am: 2 left.
Rogue: OIB next.

Slartibardfast: Because?
Rogue: I can actually picture OIB married to a nice pretty blonde girl; don't know why I think blonde, but I think she would be as sweet as him.

Slartibardfast: So that makes Jack the best husband material. What qualities put him on top?
Rogue: On top? I didn't go in any order [raspberry emoticon removed]. Jack? Jack has to learn to wear pants, Jack has to learn to stop talking over women, Jack should get married and have kids. I think they all should get married one day, have kids and live happily ever after [smiling emoticon removed].

Slartibardfast: WHAT? FOUL! THAT'S CHEATING! I've been snookered. I forgot you?re the clever one.
Rogue: Yep, me clever; sometimes.

Slartibardfast: Well if you won't answer directly here, I'm going to put a poll up on the message board, and get to the bottom of this [smiling emoticon removed]!
Rogue: Pardon [eye rolling emoticon removed].

Slartibardfast: Would you like to make a closing statement? Do you have anything to add now that the interview is over?
Rogue: Oh, a closing statement. Ok, I just want to say on the whole I enjoy the board. Everyone has a place there. I know that sometimes when I write posts I can hear some of you cringe. Yes, I have been told I sound condescending and too much of a goody two shoes, but that is ok; I know you like me deep down inside; sometimes. And to you Slarti, thank you for taking the time to do this with me.

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