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Krusher Koxx Shoot Interview

Posted in Fan Shoot Interviews by Jack at 11:32, Apr 23 2007

Conducted by Casper

[Casper Chavez] 1:02 am: Hello and welcome to the debut edition of ?Pushing the Envelope? I
am your ever-loving host, Casper Chavez and this evening I am joined by IYH staple member
and law enforcement officer, Krusherkoxx. Krusher, welcome to the show.
[krusherkoxx] 1:02 am: Thanks
[Casper Chavez] 1:03 am: Have you tried the salmon? It's really good.
[krusherkoxx] 1:03 am: No, I went with the beef tar-tar. I love raw meat. When I cut into it, it
smeared red across the white plate, making a beautiful contrast of colours
[Casper Chavez] 1:04 am: Do you believe meat tastes better if you have caught it and
slaughtered it yourself?
[krusherkoxx] 1:05 am: Absolutely. My grandfather and I used to go deer hunting whenever
we could. There is nothing better then fresh kill. We also used to hunt wild turkeys.
[krusherkoxx] 1:05 am: It's just being part of nature
[krusherkoxx] 1:05 am: Have you ever killed for your food?
[Casper Chavez] 1:08 am: No....well yes, I was once trapped in the panic room for a week
with a man from China and he turned out to be very satisfying...of course I got hungry later.
[Casper Chavez] 1:09 am: But we are not talking about me, we are talking about you:
[krusherkoxx] 1:09 am: That's the problem with the Chinese. They eat all that damned rice,
which, while you get your carbohydrates, but with all those vegetables, you just crap it right
out of ya
[Casper Chavez] 1:11 am: That is a problem. Moving on.
[Casper Chavez] 1:11 am: Do you agree that all animal rights activists should shut the hell
up and eat that Lamb or Veal and wear those leather shoes and be happy?
[krusherkoxx] 1:11 am: Yeah, I mean I have no use for tree huggers. They need to shut the
hell up and wear those alligator shoes. They need to eat that damned hamburger. Some of
them look like it wouldn't hurt to eat some charred mammal flesh ya know?
[Casper Chavez] 1:11 am: Could your perhaps clarify why you have come to the interview
armed with an M:16 automatic rifle and full body armour?
[krusherkoxx] 1:12 am: Well, I feel naked without it. I've been doing this for so long, that I
don't feel comfortable without some protection. I don't even realize that I have the body
armor on. It's like my second skin.
[krusherkoxx] 1:13 am: And, you never know when you're going to run into a perp..
[Casper Chavez] 1:13 am: Speaking of being naked, Portuguese IYH mark elTNAfan is
trying to bring more nude recreation to IYH. What are your thoughts on this?
[krusherkoxx] 1:15 am: I have no problem with people bring in some nude recreation.
However, some people just need to stay clothed. I think ElTNAfan is just trying to show
XtremeFalls that he truly loves him, and that he is ready to take their relationship to the
next level
[krusherkoxx] 1:15 am: They do act like they are married, with all the fighting and bitching
[krusherkoxx] 1:15 am: They're just warming themselves up for the "Make up sex"
[Casper Chavez] 1:15 am: Do you not think an Xt/elTNAfan sex tape would sell like hot
[krusherkoxx] 1:16 am: Well, if distributed right, it would set the adult film industry on fire. I
can see them in full leather regalia, making a mess of themselves
[krusherkoxx] 1:17 am: I could see a ten or twenty part series in the Xt/El series
[krusherkoxx] 1:18 am: I wouldn't buy it personally, but there are some out there like
Shinma who I think would
[Casper Chavez] 1:19 am: Do you have any experience in the adult film industry? Did you
ever think of maybe filming Jim Ross? Daughter being beaten into submission and then
gangfucked by a Varsity football team?
[krusherkoxx] 1:20 am: Well, J.R.'s daughter and I have a past. She really is a filthy little
pig. I've been in a few "movies" myself, you know, as favors to women who like their
husbands to watch them with a man who can give them what the husband can't
[krusherkoxx] 1:22 am: There are some freaky chicks out there. They always want me to be
in uniform, and to handcuff them, and make them do weird shit to them. Of course, I'm only
happy to oblige
[Casper Chavez] 1:22 am: Did they have un-paid parking tickets?
[krusherkoxx] 1:23 am: No, I usually pick them up at the Waffle House. Sometimes, they
just call for us to come to their house, nothing is wrong, they just want to hit on us. There
have been several occassions when I have gone to a "prowler call" and the chick meets me
in the nude at the front door
[krusherkoxx] 1:24 am: We also have what we call "Badge Bunnies", they are the groupies
of the police business. Often times they have us meet them when we're off duty.
[krusherkoxx] 1:26 am: SHIT.......anyway, they meet us when were off duty, and they do all
kinds of wild and freaky shit, and then after I'm done, I just get up and leave, no commitme
nt, I like that
[Casper Chavez] 1:27 am: Is the cop uniform a big hit on the homosexual scene?
[krusherkoxx] 1:27 am: Yes, every once in awhile we get harassed by the gay community. I
just politely decline, but tell them that there are several homosexual officers on the force,
they just need to call at the right time.
[krusherkoxx] 1:28 am: They just fawn all over us. Big men in uniforms, they like that sort of
[Casper Chavez] 1:28 am: I bet they do.
[Casper Chavez] 1:28 am: Sticking within the boundaries of IYH?.what got you into the
[krusherkoxx] 1:29 am: Well, Hugh Mongus brought me over here from another board. I don't
remember which one though. He said, "Hey man you gotta check out IYH, so I did, and I've
been here ever since
[krusherkoxx] 1:29 am: I like the different personalities on the board, and the show
[Casper Chavez] 1:30 am: So you never regret joining the board?
[krusherkoxx] 1:31 am: No. Never. It's a fun place to be. It's one big wacky place, and I'm
glad that it's here
[Casper Chavez] 1:31 am: The forum has a lot of users. Some are cool, some are classy,
but some are down-right retarded. Who from the board would you most like to plant
evidence on, hand-cuff and then repeatedly beat with your truncheon?
[krusherkoxx] 1:33 am: Sometimes it depends on the mood I'm in really. Of course, I would
have to say I would plant evidence on Wacko Bob because I really don't like the guy. He's
full of shit.
[krusherkoxx] 1:33 am: I would enjoy seeing Flea squirm as well. However, that would be
totally and completely out of fun, for my enjoyment only, and well, for a couple others as well
[krusherkoxx] 1:34 am: Another one I would enjoy giving the telephone book treatment to is
Keeping It Real Rob, he's a conceited fat miserable piece of shit
[krusherkoxx] 1:35 am: I'd like to handcuff Rogue and paint her fingernails and toenails, then
tickle her with a feather
[Casper Chavez] 1:36 am: Sexy.
[Casper Chavez] 1:36 am: Do you think the repeated allegations made by all females and
under 14 males about Wacko Bob are true?
[krusherkoxx] 1:37 am: He is a sick bastard
[krusherkoxx] 1:37 am: There were times that I was uncomfortable with the shit he posted,
I'm glad he's gone.
[krusherkoxx] 1:37 am: He needs some real help
[krusherkoxx] 1:38 am: I hope he gets it, before it's too late
[krusherkoxx] 1:38 am: I just hope that we can get some of the female members back
[Casper Chavez] 1:38 am: Have you checked out The Dark Match, yet?
[krusherkoxx] 1:39 am: Actually no I haven't. I know it's a train wreck. I can barely stand
WTR, so I know I couldn't listen to that bullshit
[Casper Chavez] 1:40 am: WTR? Isn't that part of the homosexual agenda?
[krusherkoxx] 1:41 am: I don't know. I don't think J.J. Shittay is gay. I'm sure he's an alright
guy, but he tries to come across as some "broadcasting bad ass", when everyone knows
he couldn't kick his way out of a wet paper bag.
[krusherkoxx] 1:42 am: And I've heard that Tim masterbates to naked pics of Wildcat
Woman.........that makes him straight doesn't it?
[Casper Chavez] 1:42 am: I don't know. I hear she's half-metal.
[krusherkoxx] 1:43 am: "Half metal"? Are you suggesting that she is so wide, that she has
grown attached to her mobile home?
[Casper Chavez] 1:45 am: I'm...I'm not suggesting anything, Mr. Koxx. We are talking about
you, not some obese failed actress.
[krusherkoxx] 1:45 am: Hey, being on The Springer Show doesn't make one an actress
[krusherkoxx] 1:46 am: And neither does being in home videos of some pencil neck geek
licking Hershey's syrup off your fat rolls!!
[krusherkoxx] 1:47 am: The thing I hated about WNL was having to sit through her and
Cowboy Chicks "lesbian" sessions..........talk about vomit enducing
[krusherkoxx] 1:47 am:
[Casper Chavez] 1:48 am: This interview has taken a wrong turn. Let's move on. Who?s
more likely to go on a homicidal killing spree, Jack, Incher or Barbie?
[krusherkoxx] 1:51 am: Well, the obvious answer would be Barbie. Of course, that is to the
untrained eye. Jack is too busy hawking his E-Bay shit, and making lattes, cappucino's and
other girly drinks. That makes Incher public enemy number one.
[Casper Chavez] 1:51 am: Oh really?
[krusherkoxx] 1:52 am: People shouldn't let those baby blues of his fool 'em. He has the
look, and fits the profile of someone who would walk into a resteraunt, or a church, and kill
everyone he could, until his ammo ran out.
[krusherkoxx] 1:52 am: Yes, those quiet types, they are the one's to watch out for.
[krusherkoxx] 1:53 am: Besides that, he is from "West By God Virginia" and all those
hillbillies are proficient in firearms.
[Casper Chavez] 1:53 am: As a police officer, how would you stop such a maniacal-sounding rampage?
[krusherkoxx] 1:54 am: Well, the sad thing is, we often CAN NOT STOP lunatics from going
on a rampage. They usually have things well planned, well thought out, and often put a
bullet in their brain before we show up, because they know that if they went to prison, they
would be someones prison bitch.
[krusherkoxx] 1:55 am: Those type of lunatics prey on those that are weaker, or at least
whom they percieve to be weaker then they are, and then act accordingly.
[krusherkoxx] 1:58 am: That is of course, not to say that a situation that gets out of hand
can't be successfully defused, because it can. Last year we had a husband who barricaded
himself into his wifes house. They were getting divorced, he went in, kicked the shit out of
her, and then by the time the responding units got there he barricaded them in the house.
We were able to get him out of the house without killing him. He is in prison now, and she
finally got the divorce finalized.
[Casper Chavez] 1:59 am: Who from the message board is more likely to go on one of
these crazed rampages?
[krusherkoxx] 1:59 am: Without a doubt it's gonna be Dish................
[Casper Chavez] 1:59 am: Elaborate.
[krusherkoxx] 2:00 am: God help us if him and ChrisDaCrusher ever meet up. It's going to
be like Capote's In Cold Blood
[krusherkoxx] 2:01 am: Two abused and downtrodden young men, who think that society
has illed them, and they decide to take it out on an unsuspecting family
[krusherkoxx] 2:04 am: Dish's weapon of choice would be a cereal bowl. Chris' would be a
telephone. How poetic.
[Casper Chavez] 2:05 am: Alright, my final question to you (before I try out a final process
and a closing statement) is, what makes you the enforcer of IYH?
[krusherkoxx] 2:08 am: I'm a no shitter. I tell it the way it is. I don't care if you like hearing it,
because I'm going to say it. I can severely maim and disable you in a number of ways. I will
either beat you down verbally, or if need be, beat you down physically. I will take your
wife/girlfriend/sister/aunt/grandmother, and make her my sex toy, and make you watch. God
has blessed me with these talents, and I enjoy using them. I don't need to yell to get my
point across. I'm more cerebral then that.
[krusherkoxx] 2:09 am: I will cut you down at the knees, and watch you lie there in pain,
offering my hand to help you up, only to knock you back down on your silly ass again. I
don't come cheap, but with the services I provide, you get quality work.
[krusherkoxx] 2:12 am: Boardwise, if you make some half assed comment, I will come at
you like a bull in a china shop, telling you that you are a complete and utter waste of flesh.
If you make fun of the Old School, I will come to your house, kick in your door, and beat the
living hell out of you. You won't hear me coming, I'll just show up, and leave you a bloody
heap on your mama's persian rug.
[krusherkoxx] 2:14 am: I learned alot from the best heels through the years. I learned from
The Spoiler, The Masked Superstar, Kevin Sullivan, Fred Blassie, and Arn Anderson. You
don't have to scream and yell to get your point across.
[Casper Chavez] 2:15 am: You're a professional. Anyway, I've seen this method of
Journalism used in other shoot interviews, so I'll see if it's sucsess rate is continued. I'm
going to throw out some names of people who frequent the board and you can tell me what
how you feel about them. And don't be afraid to speak the truth....by now this interview has
proved it isn't for the faint hearted. Is that OK with you?
[krusherkoxx] 2:15 am: Well shit son, this is what I've been waitin' for. It's about damned
time you! Get on with it!
[Casper Chavez] 2:15 am: The Flea.
[krusherkoxx] 2:16 am: Kooky. Crazy. Hippy. Well versed in the comic book world. He's my
Sherpa when I climb Mt. Everest.
[Casper Chavez] 2:16 am: Xtremefalls43
[krusherkoxx] 2:17 am: Sometimes he needs to learn to "no sell" shit. He gets baited in to
arguements to easily. I wouldn't call him a heel. Maybe an idiot, but not a heel.
[Casper Chavez] 2:18 am: Norrin Radd
[krusherkoxx] 2:19 am: He's a cool mother fucker, no doubt. He loves the womans ass,
which is heaven to those who are in the know. Can't say anything bad about NORAD.
[Casper Chavez] 2:20 am: Bigredish
[krusherkoxx] 2:21 am: He's a cocky little punk. Of course, he has mellowed from the time
he was first here. Jack has done a masterful job in getting him to drink the Kool-Aid, and
listen to Jacks Demandments.
[Casper Chavez] 2:21 am: Rogue.
[krusherkoxx] 2:22 am: Too cheeky at times. Needs to get banged good and hard. Secretly
wants to ravish me sexually. Likes toying with Slarti. Would look good in thigh high boots
and a leather corset..............
[Casper Chavez] 2:23 am: What about Slarti?
[krusherkoxx] 2:23 am: Slarti is my PPV recap guy. Saves me lots o cash. Why get the
PPV when I got Slarti doing the recaps? Slarti is a champ in my book.
[Casper Chavez] 2:25 am: And finally, your very entertaining host, Casper.
[krusherkoxx] 2:25 am: Your pickin' up the tab right?
[Casper Chavez] 2:26 am: Aslong as you pay the taxi fare.
[krusherkoxx] 2:29 am: Casper is eccentric, ecclectic, egosentric. He is the Tchaikovsky of
the literary world. He would make Hunter Thompson cream in his pants.
[krusherkoxx] 2:30 am: I would take him to Vegas with me as well.
[Casper Chavez] 2:31 am: Koxx, you?ve been both informative and entertaining. Is there
anything you?d like you say before we close this sordid entry in Pushing the Envelope?s
premature history?
[krusherkoxx] 2:32 am: Yeah, it's time to go get drunk, beat some sailors on leave, go to a
couple of brothels and purchase the best piece of ass that they have, and crap on a
homeless guys face. Fuck you very much!!!!
[Casper Chavez] 2:33 am: Delightful. Well, that?s about all we have time for. Remember
lawsuits are bad unless I?m suing you. Krusher, thanks for coming on and remember to tune
in next time for another corrupt and dissolute edition of Pushing the Envelope. Have a nice

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