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WWE Raw (Monday 7th May 2007)

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 20:12, May 08 2007

By Oliver Newman

For the first time since September 2006, I decided to tune into WWE Raw.

ECW Champion Vince McMahon is standing in the ring. He is about to announce John Cena (c) v The Great Khali (for the WWE Title at Judgment Day. Shawn Michaels interrupts stating for McMahon "Do not finish that horrific line". Shawn Michaels asks for a match with the Great Khali! McMahon grants his request, but he adds a twist (No Disqualification).

Bobby Lashley makes his way to the ring, he wants to get his hands on Vince but he isn't allowed to put his hands on Vince, Shane or Umaga (due to a stipulation placed upon him). Lashley is then antagonised by McMahon, McMahon grants Lashley a rematch (Lashley v Vince, Shane & Umaga at Judgment Day). Lashley looks to have been humbled by McMahon, just then he attacks The Coach as he is leaving the ring. Everytime he hits Coach he points at McMahon (This is for you!). This culminates with Lashley running around the ring hitting Coach with a Spear!

Mickie James & Candice Michelle v Victoria & Melina - Impressive showing from Michelle, who is really improving as a Wrestler. The match was a pretty short TV match which ended with Michelle hitting a spinning wheel kick on Melina for the win!

WINNER: Candice Michelle

WWE I.C. Title match

Santino Marella (c) v Chris Masters - This match was a case of Master's power and strength v Marella's speed and agility. Master's controls the early going with a barrage of power moves, before Marella is able to turn the match with a series of vicious kicks. Masters is tricked in by Marella (runs into the turnbuckle), Marella sidesteps and rolls Masters up for the 1,2,and 3!

WINNER: Still WWE I.C. Champion Santino Marella

Mr Kennedy enters the arena stating that there are 328 Days until he cashes in his Money in the bank contract at Wrestlemania 24!

Randy Orton is interviewed by Maria, during this Randy takes cheap shots at Michaels "Not going to take me an hour to beat John Cena" and Edge "Not going to whinge about not getting a title shot". Orton finishes with "Time to get my life back on track".

The Highlanders v Umaga - Umaga brutalises them! Hitting his finishing move the Samoan spike on Rory and Robbie before hitting them both with a huge top rope splash for the 1, 2 and 3.


Edge challenges Mr Kennedy to put up his Money in the bank contract, as the discussion becomes more aggressive Kennedy does just that, tonight!


Shawn Michaels v The Great Khali - Michaels attacks Khali from the start, Khali gets tangled in the ropes. Khali is able to get loose, and Michaels gets hit with a big boot! Michaels is able to fight back and then utilises the No Dq stipulation by smacking Khali with a Steel Chair! Michaels follows up with his signature top rope elbow but as he is attempting the Sweet Chin Music he is hit with a huge overhand chop to the head! The match heads to ringside, Michaels attempts a DDT on the announce table, Khali chucks him off. Michaels rallies once more but is cut off abruptly with a two handed chokeslam through the announce table. The referee stops the match! Khali is the new No1 contender.

WINNER: New No1 Contender The Great Khali

John Cena is interviewed by Todd Grisham, "I don't back down from anyone".

Cryme Tyme Mothers Day Sale: Steak (Which they stole from Viscera), Medication Pills (Eugene) and a Hummer (Ron Simmons). Spiderman enters the scene, "Tubby Maguire" Shad introduces himself as Batman and attacks Spiderman with a bat! Cryme Tyme then steal his money.

The Hardys v The Worlds Greatest Tag Team - Cade & Murdoch join J.R. and Jerry Lawler on commentary. Haas & Benjamin cut the ring in half with a series of double team moves on Matt Hardy. Unfortunately for the WGTT Hardy is able to make the tag to Jeff, the match breaks down. After throwing Shelton out of the ring, Matt hits a back suplex and Jeff follows that up with a Swanton Bomb for the 3 count. Cade and Murdoch shake The Hardys hands and congratulate them post match.

WINNERS: The Hardys

A video is shown of Carlito and Ric Flair's fallout from last week.

Carlito talks of how Ric Flair is an embarrassment and has been a catalyst in them losing matches as a tag team, he then states "It's time to get rid of my dead weight" and turns to Torrie Wilson who he berates in a tirade of Spanish before Torrie exits the ring.

Money in the bank contract match

Edge v Mr.Kennedy - Edge attacks Kennedy as he makes his way to the ring, hitting him with a television monitor before the match even starts. Kennedy demands that the match is started, with this he runs towards Edge who is waiting with a spear! 1, 2 and 3. NEW Mr Money in the bank!

WINNER: New Mr Money in the Bank Edge

Randy Orton v John Cena - Pretty even match, which Cena begins to take control of as The Giant Khali makes his way to ringside. He proceeds to steal Cena's WWE Title and walks back up the ramp. Cena pursues him and gets clocked with the WWE Title as Raw comes to a close.

NO Contest

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Thanks for reading,

Oliver Newman

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