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Interview Recap - Steve Corino III

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 21:02, Jun 06 2007

By Goosey

Steve Corino In Your Head interview

Thanks to IYH Fan Goosey for doing this recap,tune into Shockwave Wrestling Radio every Friday night at 10pm est located at www.thewalkerviews.net/swrchat.html

This past Wednesday night on In Your Head Wrestling Radio (conveniently located at www.inyourheadonline.com), Hosts Jack and One Inch Biceps welcomed ?The King of Old School? Steve Corino to the show, here is a recap of the interview.

Jack Welcomes Steve to the show and points out that Steve Has Tied the Record for appearances on the show for this being his third time on the show.

Jack also plugs his UWF appearance at the new Al Hambra arena on June eight in Philadelphia,(for more info go to www.uwfusa.com)

Caller Jason asks if Steve will tell a story about himself and CM Punk at a Tranny Bar in Chicago, Steve does, it?s a pretty funny story.

Caller Mark asks What promotion Steve likes to work for the most, he Says Zero One Max in Japan.

Jack asks why Steve Decided to retire? Steve says he wants to be with his family and start a new career, that he wants to have a normal life.

Ants84 from the chat room asks what Steve thinks of WWE taking legal action against Dale Gagner for the use of the AWA name, Steve believes Dale might have a case, he says it?s a big company vs a small company thing.

Caller Goosey asks his thoughts on Vince McMahon being the ECW Champion, he says think about this, the same championship he held is being held by Vince McMahon. He also finds Vince to be very entertaining.

Goosey also asks his thoughts on Firing/Releasing all of the ECW originals, Steve Says that well he new it was coming, this is Vince?s ECW, he doesn?t really care, anything that helps people remember the three ECW letters existed is fine by him.

Caller Eltna Fan asks his thoughts on his thoughts on Hustle and other comedy promotions, Steve thinks that they really deteriorate the Face of professional wrestling.

Caller Riren asks if he somebody scripted Jerry Lynn Writing Die in Steve?s Blood on his Chest, he says Jerry is a Heel at heart, Jerry thought this would be a way to turn heel because Paul Heyman wouldn?t let him.

Xtremefalls From the message board asks his thoughts on ROH and TNA Breaking ties, Steve says he knew it was about to happen, he thinks TNA should send ROH a check for getting their guys over on the internet.

Incher asks his thoughts on ROH getting PPV? Steve Says he thinks its awesome, it?s a whole new spectrum of fans being able to see the product, but the DVD?s etc..

Chris From the chat room asks if he will have anything to do with wrestling when he retires, Steve says that he's done in the ring and that he's not sure what he will do outside the ring.

Spec Sun from the message Board asks his opinion of his feud with Dusty Rhodes in ECW?
Steve says he will always be great full of dusty, he said Dusty gave his a great rub, Dusty gave him great heat, he didn?t have to do the angle.

Jack Thanks Steve For Coming on and plugs his June 8th UWF Show in Philadelphia, he will be wrestling Dustin Rhodes in bull rope match, for more info check out www.uwfusa.com

Join us this week at 8pm/7cst as we welcome son of the legendary Gene Anderson, Brad Anderson and Tod Gordon to the show, that?s www.inyourheadonline.com.

By Goosey of www.thewalkerviews.net/swrchat.html

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