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Colt Cabana In Your Head Wednesday February 15th

Posted in News by Jack at 22:04, Feb 08 2006

Heady Awards coming soon !!

Posted in News by Jack at 03:14, Jan 26 2006

Finally after all the debates, the hype, the blood sweat and tears. Current enemies have drawn together for a common cause, former allies are now bitter rivals, and strangers are now lovers. But this Wednesday all of this will finally be upon us. As the first annual Heady Awards will take place. The stars have alligned, the masses have spoken, and Ox Baker is bringing the peanut butter cookies !! Join us for the 2005 Heady Awards !!

Vince Russo on IYH After Hours !!

Posted in News by Jack at 22:45, Jan 25 2006

IYH will do a special late night show tonight starting around 11 PM Eastern with Vince Russo !! So join us live in the chat room for IYH After Hours !!

508-644-8503 (long distance charges may apply)

Daniel Puder Live Tonight In Your Head

Posted in News by Jack at 10:32, Jan 24 2006

Former WWE Superstar, last year's winner of WWE's Tough Enough, former and soon to be again MMA fighter Daniel Puder will be our guest live this Wednesday. Starting at 6:00 PM Eastern please join us in the chat room and call in live at 508-644-8503 (long distance charges may apply).

Daniel has just signed to fight on the Strikeforce MMA card March 10th at the HC Pavillion in San Jose, Ca. This big event will be headlined by Frank Shamrock vs Cesar Cracie. For information on how to purchase tickets and get a free t-shirt please visit www.danielpuder.com soon !!

WWE Fantasy Wrestling IYH League

Posted in News by Jack at 23:52, Jan 23 2006

Click above to join

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DDP Live Tonight Plus IYH Rumble Contest Continues 508 644 8503

Posted in News by Jack at 20:16, Jan 18 2006

Don't forget to call in this week to enter the Royal Rumble contest !! Every caller will be given a random number. Jack will reach into his Dungeons and Dragons dice bag and pull out a D&D multi sided die that will be marked with a # from 1 to 30. That number will be your entry in this year's Rumble. The superstar who enters at your number will represent you !! The winner will get 2 points to spend in the Official IYH Prize Pool...what's the IYH Prize Pool you ask ? Visit our forums to find out !! If you cant make the show live, no need to quit your job, drop out of school, or break out of prison. Just call us anytime and leave a voice mail, we will play it live on In Your Head and you will be entered in the contest !!

508-644-8503 (long distance charges may apply)

TNA Final Resolution PPV This Sunday !!

Posted in News by Jack at 23:59, Jan 12 2006

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We're Back with Buff Bagwell Brother D-Von and the Royal Rumble Contest Tonight

Posted in News by Jack at 16:03, Jan 05 2006

Just added in the 2nd hour Brother D-Von of Team 3D !!

In Your Head returns after a one week hiatus. I know to loyal Jackers, Barbaholics and Oneinchamaniacs a week seems like several decades. You need your IYH fix ? You're salivating at the thought of hearing Barbie Richards ? You're crossing the days off the calendar before you can hear the OIB again ? Are you dreaming of "Alright We're Back" blaring like a mad man as only Jack can do ? Well the wait is nearly over my friends !! For tomorrow, IYH rises like the mighty phoenix from it's ashes. The desolate wasteland that was last Wednesday from 6 to 8 PM will once again become the epitome of entertainment you all crave !! In Your Head is BACK !!

Duckman CD for sale now !!

Posted in News by Jack at 18:00, Jan 04 2006

IYH recording artist Duckman has a best of International Bomb Squad CD High Grade Explosives out now !! Duckman will be releasing the IYH song soon, co-produced with Ron Hexe of Andre the Giant Theme Song fame. Check out the cd here. All the money goes to the cafe. Love him or hate him, there's no denying Duckman has heat !!


Year End In Your Head Live at 6:00 PM Eastern

Posted in News by Jack at 21:42, Dec 28 2005

Join Jack, OIB and Barbie Richards live at 6:00 PM Eastern for the final show of the year !! We'll discuss Jack's trip to Smackdown and the news in wrestling. We will answer questions from the message board and the LIVE chat room as well asl your calls for the entire 2 hour show, at 508 644 8503 !!

IYH Cartoon Hooded Sweatshirt now available in men's and women's !!

Posted in News by Jack at 07:31, Dec 24 2005

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New hooded sweatshirt, and woman's hooded raglan sweatshirt added in time for this cold winter !!! With TJ's cartoon crew pic !!

Samoa Joe Wednesday call in live 508 644 8503

Posted in News by Jack at 21:15, Dec 19 2005

IYH WANTED:IYH Gang T-Shirt Now Available !!

Posted in News by Jack at 02:40, Dec 11 2005

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New IYH Gang T-Shirt with Jack, Barbie and the OIB now available !! Amazing new design !!

Sir Oliver Humperdink and Gary Hart on IYH December 14th !!

Posted in News by Jack at 06:35, Dec 09 2005

Goldy Locks On IYH Wednesday

Posted in News by Jack at 22:07, Dec 06 2005

Audio Wrestling 2005 Year End Awards

Posted in News by Jack at 11:22, Dec 05 2005

It's time to go and vote for your favorite wrestling show for all the awards !!! And while you're at it vote on the awards IYH isn't up for as well !! Just click on the link below. And check out the archived interviews on this very site to refresh your memories of the amazing year In Your Head had !!


Website issues

Posted in News by Tyler at 12:56, Nov 26 2005

Our host has apparantly moved the site to a different server, we weren't warned this was going to happen, but apologies to everybody who tried to access the site and wasn't able to. We're also experiencing a ton of errors and problems related the site being moved suddenly, which I have to now fix. Hopefully things will be back to normal by the end of today.

Goldberg Wednesday on IYH !! Live at 6:00 P.M.

Posted in News by Jack at 04:50, Nov 23 2005

Tomorrow we have a HUGE show planned. First up Prime Time Elix Skipper. Followed in the 2nd hour by Bill Goldberg !!! This is a show you can not miss !! Starting LIVE at 6:00 PM Eastern Wednesday November 23rd. Live chat room and call ins at 508 644 8503.

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