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WWE Creative on The Rock

Posted in News by Jack at 23:30, Feb 27 2012

Former WWE creative writer Seth Mates tweeted the following in regards to the rumored bitterness within WWE towards Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson leaving WWE for Hollywood.

"Talking point: let's say WWE Films had been a success. Don't you think VINCE would have done same thing The Rock did - leave for Hollywood?" he wrote. "Vince has conquered wrestling over and over. If he'd smelled blood in Hollywood, he'd have already handed the keys to the kingdom to HHH and Steph."

"The jealousy towards Rock isn't for him leaving. It's that others can't."

John Morrison Improv

Posted in News by Jack at 23:26, Feb 27 2012

Former WWE Superstar John Morrison will perform improv comedy on March 17 at 8 p.m. for Cut That Promo at iO West at 6366 Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles, California.

Source WrestlingInc.com

bWo at Legends of the Ring

Posted in News by Jack at 23:23, Feb 27 2012

Blue World Order (Blue Meanie, Nova and Stevie Richards) has been announced for Legends of the Ring 14 taking place June 2, 2012 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Monroe, New Jersey.


Cena off Daytona 500

Posted in News by Jack at 23:20, Feb 27 2012

Since the Daytona 500 was rescheduled for Monday due to saturation of the speedway, Cena had to cancel his appearance. John Cena was scheduled to wave the green flag at the event but obviously he has to be at RAW instead.

Dolph Ziggler Interview

Posted in News by Jack at 23:16, Feb 27 2012

From WWE Magazine

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Tough Enough Andy News

Posted in News by Jack at 23:12, Feb 27 2012

WWE Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine is wrestling under the name Kevin Hackman in FCW. He is still competing in dark matches. At a recent taping he beat Sonny Elliott with a power slam...in the dark match.

Smith Hart on Owen Hart in HOF

Posted in News by Jack at 23:08, Feb 27 2012

Owen's brother, Smith Hart,tweeted the following in regards to Owen's widow not allowing WWE to induct him into the HOF:

"Im happy that everyone believes my brother Owen belongs in the HOF, but unfortunately his wife Martha will never allow it."

"Because she blames the wrestling business in its entirety for his death."

"She is the sole owner of his estate."

"With Martha, there will never B a way, perhaps his kids may eventually make the choice. But thats at least 20 yrs in future"

DGUSA stars to WWE ?

Posted in News by Jack at 23:03, Feb 27 2012

WWE signed DGUSA referee Jason Harding to a developmental deal. PWInsider has been reporting "that several DGUSA stars have been on WWE's radar and it's expected now that several others will be signed in the next few months."

credit www.PWInsider.com

Divas at Mania

Posted in News by Jack at 22:58, Feb 27 2012

Kharma is expected to be ready to perform by WrestleMania 28 in a match against Divas Champion Beth Phoenix, the original plan had been Natalya vs. Phoenix. One would think with Natalya's new gimmick those plans have changed. The Observer is reporting that it's been suggested the Divas work the WrestleMania dark match.

Source Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Maria wins tournament

Posted in News by Jack at 22:54, Feb 27 2012

Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis won a 4 woman tournament to become the first ever FWE Women's Champion for Family Wrestling Entertainment show in New York. She defeated TNA Knockout Tara in the first round, and later defeated TNA Knockout Winter to become the first champion.

WWE Network Launch News

Posted in News by Jack at 22:47, Feb 27 2012

WWE officials are still negotiating with cable companies for the Network and there is no set date yet for when it will launch. We do know that it will launch before the end of the year, likely sometime around November.

Source www.F4Wonline.com

Jim Ross Blog Highlights

Posted in News by Jack at 22:41, Feb 27 2012

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Rock - many wrestlers don't understand the business

Posted in News by Jack at 22:38, Feb 27 2012

It's been reported that many WWE stars are mad about The Rock taking a main event spot on Wrestlemania.

Hurricane Shane Helms tweeted in response:

"FTR, anybody in the WWE locker room that is b---hing about The Rock's involvement in WrestleMania needs to stop being a douche! He's earned it!" the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion wrote Friday. "WrestleMania has always had celebrity involvement and if the the celebrity this year happens to actually be a GREAT pro wrestler, it's a win!!"

The Rock himself tweeted: "Incredible to me how many of the boys don't get the "business" part of our business."

Drew McIntyre Make Over

Posted in News by Jack at 22:23, Feb 27 2012

During a live WWE taping in Honduras Drew McIntyre appeared to be acting more sexually and flirting with male fans in the crowd, including blowing kisses at some. During his match with Ezekial Jackson he stopped to comb his hair.

Kassius Ohno - Chris Hero

Posted in News by Jack at 22:20, Feb 27 2012

Chris Hero now known as Kassius Ohno in FCW cut a promo on the March 11th show and said he doesn't plan on being in FCW long. Ohno talked about how he enjoys knocking out his opponents. Ohno made his in-ring TV debut at the March 18th tapings, knocking out Xavier Woods with an elbow.

All Wheels Wrestling Passed By

Posted in News by Jack at 22:15, Feb 27 2012

The SPEED Channel has reportedly passed on picking up TNA's All Wheels Wrestling project that was taped last year. The project is not dead and there is some sort of announcement expected in the next month or two.

Source The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Undertaker's hair

Posted in News by Jack at 22:02, Feb 27 2012

WWE plans on having Undertaker removing his hood for the first time when he faces Triple H in a Hell in a Cell Match at WrestleMania XXVIII.

Trish Stratus Interview

Posted in News by Jack at 21:55, Feb 27 2012

Highlights from the UK Sun

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Lance Storm on The Rock

Posted in News by Jack at 21:52, Feb 27 2012

Lance Storm was asked on his Twitter what his thoughts were on the Rock's return. Storm wrote, "I got bumped off Mania 19 for Miller Light Girls anyone b---hing about getting bumped down the card 4 THE ROCK needs to Shut up"

Cena & Rock Program

Posted in News by Jack at 21:46, Feb 27 2012

USA Network will air a program profiling the rivalry between The Rock and John Cena on March 26 at 8:00 p.m, right before the final RAW before WrestleMania. The special is currently listed as "Rock / Cena."

source WrestlingInc.com

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