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Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 07:42, Feb 13 2009

In the first half of the show we went over RAW, Against All Odds and TNA Impact. We covered Ric Flair's return, his possible return to the ring at Mania, TNA's releasing of talent, Stevie Richards signing with TNA, Shane McMahon's continued badass push and much more.

We were then joined by Nunzio formerly Little Guido. We talked about the evolution of the F.B.I. group and the various members. His training in wrestling, his time in ECW, WWE and UWFi. Nunzio also told us about his current plans of training wrestlers at BodyslamU starting February 26th in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ. For all the information please email: info@bodyslamu.com

In the post show we talked about Christian's return to ECW, the upcoming WWE No Way Out PPV and the IYH crew gave a heartfelt send off to long time friend of the show Jai who is headed off to follow his dream of training to be a professional wrestler. Please send all good luck messages for Jai to jack@inyourheadonline.com and he will be sure to pass them along !!!

Jackie Crockett

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 09:19, Feb 05 2009

We were joined by Jackie Crockett long time camera man for NWA and WCW for a very rare interview. Jackie sat back and told stories for an hour and a half about his famous wrestling family, wrestlers he's worked with, rib stories and what it takes to be a camera man. Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Nikita and Ivan Koloff, Magnum TA, Mick Foley, Steve Austin, Eric Bischoff, Buff Bagwell, Terry Funk, Ricky Steamboat, Paul Jones, Roddy Piper and the list goes on and on !!!

In the post show we went over RAW, the best TNA Impact in years, ECW, the upcoming No Way Out PPV and much more....so listen now !!!

Armando Alejandro Estrada & Dirk Benedict

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 06:14, Jan 29 2009

We were joined by Dirk Benedict of Battlestar Gallactica & Face of the A-Team fame. We talked aobut the 1986 cult classic Bodyslam the Movie. Dirk told stories about Roddy Piper, Captain Lou Albano, Charles Nelson Riley, The Tonga Kid, The Wild Samoans, Billy Barty, Teijo Khan, The Barbarian, Tanya Roberts and many others. Dirk talks about wishing the movie got it's theatrical release and IYH starting a campaign to get the movie released on DVD. To watch the film please go to:

Or email: Bookarmando@yahoo.com

Then we were joined by Armando Alejandro Estrada. We talked about his time in OVW and WWE. Working with Al Snow, Danny Davis, Umaga, Ric Flair, Colin Delaney, John Cena and many others. His future in wrestling, an upcoming cartoon project and his new restaurant "Baby's" which is opening in Arizona. For more information on where to see Armando and to book him for wrestling shows please visit:

Then Jack and Incher recapped the Royal Rumble, Monday Night RAW, our thoughts on Shane kicking Legacy's asses, Stephanie, ROH getting a TV deal, Zack Gowan booking ideas, Jack's traumatic experience with a video tape and much more...Listen now before it's too late !!!

"Cowboy" Bob Orton

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 06:41, Jan 22 2009

Jack and Incher went over Monday Night RAW and the return of Vince McMahon. We talked about the RAW closing segment with Stephanie, Jericho, Vince and Randy Orton and where this could lead.

We were then joined by a surprise appearance by NWA/WCW's Jackie Crockett. We talked about today's product, the NWA, Nitro and a few other tidbits.

Then we were joined by Bob Orton and we went over his upcoming match this Saturday in Danville, WV vs ASW champion Vance Desmond, for more information on getting tickets to this event please visit:

In the closing of the show we were joined by many callers, and the 2nd appearance of Jackie Crockett on the show. We set up an upcoming full length interview with Jackie on air. Then we gave our Royal Rumble Predictions, talked about CM Punk winning the IC title, read some message board threads and were scared by the random thoughts of Jai !!

Check out this ecclectic mix of IYH goodness !!!

Bobby Lashley

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 05:57, Jan 15 2009

We were joined by former WWE Superstar and curent MMA fighter Bobby Lashley. We talked about his time in WWE, growing up a wrestling fan, who he'd like to have worked with and his move to MMA. Bobby talked working with Big Show, Vince McMahon, Umaga, Donald Trump, John Cena, Fit Finlay and many more. Bobby also talks about his upcoming MMA fight with Mike Hayes on February 6th.

In the 2nd half part of the show Incher and Jack took many calls from the fans. We talked about Manu and Sim leaving Legacy, the return of Ted Dibiase, more WWE releases, TNA Genesis PPV and much more including new G2 flavors and Incher's uncanny Hacksaw Jim Duggan impression !!!

Danny Bonaduce

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 23:43, Jan 10 2009

We were joined by Danny Bonaduce for an internet exclusive interview. We talked all about Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling including his future in pro wrestling and what he thought of Dennis Rodman winning the show. Danny also covered his injuries, his thoughts on steroids, his radio career and his upcoming boxing match with Jose Conseco !!
January 24th, 2009
Ice Works Skating Complex, 3100 W Duttons Mill Road in Aston, PA
More info call 813-960-8412
Purchase tickets to attend Live at Centerstage tix 800-677-8499 or on the web at http://www.ticketlynx.com
The event will be seen live on PPV at http://gofightlive.tv
If you pre-order the PPV it now you will get it for $9.99 if not it will be $12.99 the day of.

In the preshow we went over the recent WWE releases. In the post show we took many calls and went over the TNA Genesis PPV, Wrestlemania Dream Matches, ROH possibley getting a TV deal, Low Ki signing with WWE and much more !!

Don't be a jabroni...listen now !!!

Best of 2008 Wrestling Awards

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 06:24, Jan 08 2009

In our return show for 2009 we gave out the Best of 2008 Wrestling Awards as voted by the fans of IYH. Listen now !!!

Ron The Yeti Reis

Posted in Audio Archive by Oneinchbiceps at 06:37, Dec 18 2008

The In Your Head Crew has come back with another outstanding display of audio genius, talking about wrestling. Jack claims Orangekorn from the message board gave him a new name. Incher raises an eyebrow at the new name, Barb refuses to introduce himself unless he gets a powerful bah. We discussed Jeff Hardy as the new WWE Champion, whether he?ll have a match on WrestleMania with the belt. Much more in the pre interview segment.

Then we brought on Ron Reis formally the Yeti of the Dudgeon of Doom fame. Discussed training with Big John Studd. His time in Raven Flock and WCW, Hogan calling him for an movie role, his professional sand castle builder career and of course being the Yeti.

Post interview segment Jai brought up Christmas for the Troops, Jack engaged him in the enthralling conversation. Jack and Barb brought up their thoughts on the Shawn Michael?s JBL poor house angle and so much more it?s impossible to put into text.

White Trash Johnny Webb

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 05:42, Dec 11 2008

We were joined by "White Trash" Johnny Webb who went over the XPW Cold Day In Hell DVD. For more information on buying your copy along with XPW TV, WSX and much more please visit:

We also went over the final episode of Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Wrestling, gave our ideas for celebrities for season 2. We talked about RAW and the TNA PPV Final Resolution and much more !!!

Jimmy Hart & Trina Michaels

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 05:40, Dec 04 2008

In the first part of the show we were joined by Jimmy Hart. We went over CCW, the recent rumors regarding Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan, The Mouth of the South name, Jerry Lawler and much more. Jimmy also told everyone about the huge show this Saturday with Reid & David Flair with Ric Flair in their corner vs The Nasty Boyz with Jimmy Hart and special referee Hulk Hogan.

December 6th
Vance High School
7600 IBM Road
Charlotte NC

For ticket information which includes regular priced tickets for the event plus VIP passes which include autographs and pictures with Jimmy Hart, The Midnight Express, Rock N Roll Express, Nasty Boyz & Ric Flair please visit:

In the 2nd portion we were visited by adult film star Trina Michaels who told us about her journey into professional wrestling. We talked about XPW Cold Day In Hell, wrestlers she likes, action figures, why she is pursuing wrestling, her skateboard line, going to Wrestlemania, working with Rob Black, training, being in front of a crowd, heading to OVW and much more.

Trina's Official Myspace
Big Vision Entertainment

In the final segment we went over RAW, ECW, Hulk Hogan's CCW and took many phone calls. Check it out !!!

Wes Adams & Kenny Dykstra

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 09:51, Nov 27 2008

We were first joined by former WWE ref Wes Adams. We went over what it means to be a ref for the WWE, what fans don't realize a ref's job is, ribs pulled in the ring, the infamous ECW match that led to his release and his future as a wrestler.

For more information on booking "The Official" Wes Adams please email: wesadams1@hotmail.com

Then we were joined by Kenny Dykstra in his first interview since leaving WWE. We talked about the memories of the Spirit Squad, working in OVW, ribs in and out of the ring with WWE superstars. Working with Big Show, Ric Flair, HHH, Vince, HBK, Victoria and many more. We discussed his plans for the future, his thoughts on TNA and even the night he called into IYH prior to the interview ?!?

For information on booking Kenny please email: SHOWBIS@aol.com

In the post show we went over Hulk Hogan's CCW, the rise of beards in WWE, Edge and Cena winning the titles back in their first matches back, RAW, Smackdown, Survivor Series, new WWE movies, "The Wrestler", Tomko resigning with WWE and if Christian could be far behind and witness OIB having a meltdown live on air !!! Listen now !!!

We also discussed what "smart fans" mean for WWE business, and how much they should or shouldn't be listened to. This topic was started on the IYH message board.

To join in visit:

We also gave away 2 FREE Duckman for Presidente featuring New Jack posters. Please stay tuned for the release of this CD from IYH them song artist Duckman featuring a rap track with the Original Gangsta New Jack.

For information on buying your own poster please visit:

Don't Listen To This Show

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 05:19, Nov 20 2008

The scheduled guest no showed us, so we spent 2 hours talking nonsense. We also discussed RAW, Smackdown, TNA Impact, John Cena's Comeback, Santino, AAA's D-Mex, Midgets as adopted children, Christian leaving TNA and a whole lot more !! Plus call ins from a plethora of IYH fans including multiple calls from Gene the drunk.

Stay away from this one if you know what's good for you !!!

Rob Conway & Eric Bischoff

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 05:32, Nov 13 2008

We were joined by Rob Conway who talked about his time in WWE, OVW, NWA and the Indy scene. He talked about his infamous theme song, "The Con-Way" gimmick, working with Eugene, Ric Flair, legends, La Resistance and much more !!! For information on booking Rob please visit:

We were also visited by the returning Eric Bischoff. We talked about Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Wrestling, the plans for the future, his thoughts on Cruiserweights, working with the celebrities, Brian Knobbs and a whole lot more.

We also talked about the recent firing in WWE, TNA Turning Point, Mike Knox's beard, WWE RAW in England, Santino losing the title, Christian going back to WWE and a lot more !!!

Listen now !!!!

Larry Nelson

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 05:15, Nov 06 2008

We were joined by Larry Nelson of the AWA. We went over working with Verne Gagne, Larry Zbyszko, The Midnight Rockers, Bruiser Brody, Baron Von Rascke, Stan Hansen, Nick Bockwinkel and many other legendary names. Larry gave his thoughts on Eric Bischoff, Curt Hennig, Road Warrior Hawk and the WWE. Larry told many entertaining stories about the wild 80's in wrestling including times with Sherri Martel, Madusa Micelli, Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty.

To send fan mail to Larry please email: larry@yourcountrystation.net

In the preshow we talked about WWE RAW, Rey Mysterio and Khali, Jericho winning the title back, Super Crazy's release from WWE and much more.

In the post show we reviewed Hulk Hogan's CCW in detail, TNA Impact, the new TNA theme song, Kozlov vs Undertaker on Smackdown and Jack made a startling announcement.

Listen now !!!

Sid Vicious & Butterbean

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 05:34, Oct 30 2008

We were joined by Butterbean in the opening. We talked about Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling. Working with Danny Bonaduce, Brian Knobbs, Hulk Hogan, Brutus Beefcake, Bart Gunn at Wrestlemania, Jackass' Johnny Knoxville and much more. Don't forget to tune into Hulk Hogan's CCW every Satuday Night @8 PM EST on CMT !!

We were then joined by the Master and Ruler of the World Sid Vicious. We talked about the rumor of him being on Monday Night RAW's 800th Episode, his upcoming match with Jerry "The King" Lawler, his plans for a WWE come back, PWU, his thought on wrestling today, his horrific leg injury and his amazing recovery. For information on Pyscho Sid Promotions please visit:

The IYH Crew went over TNA Impact in HD, Monday Night RAW, CM Punk and Kofi Kingston: The Dynamic Duo, Suicide, judging TNA on a curve, accents in TNA, Cyber Sunday, Batista winning the title, Evan Borne vs Rey Mysterio and a whole lot more so listen ya bums !!!

BWO Nova & Raven

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 05:19, Oct 23 2008

The first hour we went over Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling, ECW, RAW, Mike Adamle, Smackdown, TNA Impact, Mick Foley's TNA Farewell & Big Announcement, The RAW Gauntlet, Kung Fu Naki & much more !!!

We were then joined by Mike Bucci aka Nova of the BWO & Simon Dean of WWE. We talked about the original ECW, the ECW Arena, Simon System, Gymini, beating Raven in chess, retiring from full time wrestling, the new ECW, Paul Heyman and much more. For more information on Nova's new career in loans please visit:

Raven stopped by to take a few phone calls and plug his appearance for Fog City Wrestling this Saturday in San Francisco, CA vs Alofa The Samoan Tank.
Special 2pm Matinee, 1:30 Doors!!!!
375 11th Street
San Francisco California
All Ages to Enter! 21 To Drink!
Tickets at http://www.dnalounge.com
for more info http://WWW.FOGCITYWRESTLING.COM

In the post show we gave our predictions for Cyber Sunday.

Listen now !!

Not The Heady's

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 04:33, Oct 16 2008

We went over TNA Bound For Glory including the big bump by Samoa Joe, Jeff Jarrett's return and Abyss catching on fire. WWE Monday Night RAW including the Jackass angle, CM Punk vs Jericho with Batista. Lance Cade's release, Andre Heart of the Giant, The Wrestler, Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Wrestling and much more.

We went behind the scenes at IYH, is IYH becoming the first reality audio show ?

We were also joined by Norm Connors who talked about his upcoming IWC shows with Larry Sweeney, Stevie Richards and more. For more information please visit:

Sylvain Grenier

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 13:57, Oct 09 2008

We interviewed Sylvain Grenier formerly of La Resistance. We talked about his neck injury, working for WWE, what lead him to leave, his current French commentary in TNA and his current website which sells body building supplements. Working with Renee Dupree, Rob Conway, Tatanka, Dudley Boyz, Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Jimmy Wang, Vince McMahon, Pat Patterson, Chris Benoit and much more. For more information on Sylvain please visit:


in the post show we went over RAW, TNA Impact, ECW, Smackdown and the No Mercy PPV. Listen now !!!

Mike Modest

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 04:25, Oct 02 2008

Mike Modest gave us a 90 minute interview. We covered Beyond the Mat, TNA, WWE, WCW, Chris Daniels, APW, Roland Alexander, Pogo the Clown, Vic Grimes, Roddy Piper, Kevin Sullivan, Japan, Great Khali and so much more. for more information on Modest please visit:

In the preshow we talked about Jack Swagger, Matt Striker on ECW, Lenny Lane, Grisham, the 4 man tag on RAW and more !!!!

Kevin Nash

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 06:22, Sep 25 2008

We were joined by Big Sexy himself Kevin Nash for an hour interview. We went over his time in TNA, WCW, the NWO and WWF/WWE. Working with Samoa Joe, Scott Hall, Shawn Michaels, Alex Shelley, Harley Race, Jeff Jarrett and many more. We also talked about his thoughts on TNA as a company, his contract, his removal from the TNA website, his future in TNA and the recent comments by Kurt Angle. We talked about Ric Flair and his current views on the NWO on WWE 24/7. We also talked about Oz, Big Sky, Wade Boggs, his eBay auctions and his upcoming appearance for XWE October 9th at the Craig Civic Center in Kingwood, WV.

In the 2nd hour we were joined by Damien Lee of WXE. We talked about their upcoming shows in the WV area, the future of the company including many TV deals and much more !!!


In the final hour we went over the wrestling news of the week including Shelly Martinez's ebay date, TNA video game, Kurt Angle's media statements on TNA, LAX walking out of TNA, Jack Swagger, Santino and the Honk-a-Meter, Dolph Ziggler and a whole lot more !!! Listen now !!!

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