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Audio Archive

"Lita" Amy Dumas

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 05:20, Oct 07 2010

MP3 Version
"Lita" Amy Dumas joined the show about an hour or so into the show. Topics included:
- Paul Bearer fleshlight urns
- Her upcoming appearance for Chiller
- Her restaurant opening in the future in Atlanta, Ga.
- ?Silver Scream Spook Show? and it's recent TV pilot filming
- Matt Hardy's recent youtube videos
- The Diva title
- Working with Trish Stratus
- Working with Edge
- Dean Malenko feud
- Her final promo on WWE
- Classic horror movies
- Tons more so check it out !!
- Thanks to the following websites:

Topics discussed during the rest of the show:
- Generation Me as Twilight Vampires
- The amazing Ric Flair vs Mick Foley promo on iMPACT
- John Cena with Nexus
- WWE Hell in a Cell review
- Austin Aries gone from ROH
- TNA Reaction
- Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus
- Flawless on the mic
- Debate on Ted Dibiase
- Goldust's RAW feud
- Lots more !!

Sika The Wild Samoan

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 05:49, Sep 30 2010

MP3 Version
We opened the show with Sika The Wild Samoan. Topics in this one hour interview include:
- Breaking into wrestling
- Working in San Francisco, New York & Mid South
- Teaming with his brother Afa
- Working with Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, Tito Santana, Ivan Putski, Gorilla Monsoon, Lou Albano, King Curtis and many others
- Memories of Yokozuna & Umaga
- WWE Hall of Fame
- The Usos and his son Joe coming up into wrestling
- The McMahon family
- and much more !!
- For more information on Sika please visit Sika's Facebook

In the post interview we talked about:
- NXT Season 3's final show on SyFy
- Cena vs Nexus and if he will join
- Smackdown with Paul Bearer's return
- Monday Night RAW
- Legendary review by El Santo Loco
- Getting Crunk
- Ric Flair being "iced" on iMPACT
- Undertaker vs Kane
- Much more !!

Sara Del Rey

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 04:46, Sep 23 2010

MP3 Version
We opened the show with Sara Del Rey. Topics discussed:
- her eyebrows
- "models" in wrestling
- ROH on HD Net and iPPV
- The Kings of Wrestling
- Ribera Steak House
- Shimmer's growth
- NXT season 3
- TNA's knockout division
- Awesome Kong
- Wrestlicious
- her upcoming match with Daffney October 2nd in Marietta, OH for Remix Pro Wrestling

In the 2nd half of the show the IYH crew talked about tons of nonsense and even some wrestling too:
- Jack's "what if" wrestling had kept going down the Attitude Era
- Mickie James signing with TNA
- Tommy Dreamer kissing up to Fortune
- WWE Night of Champions PPV
- NXT with Cole and Punk
- Cena vs Nexus
- Smackdown spoilers including the return of a famous manager
- Kaval's Smackdown debut
- Tons more !!

Rock N Roll Buck Zumhofe

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 06:23, Sep 16 2010

MP3 Version
We were joined by Buck Zumhofe for an hour interview topics included:
- The Rock N Roll gimmick
- training in Verne Gagne's camp
- working for the AWA
- WWF closing the territories in the 80's
- Bobby Heenan feud
- Andre the Giant
- The Crusher
- Curt Hennig and rib stories
- The Midnight Rockers
- introducing music to wrestling
- his daughter The Virgin Heather Zumhofe
- tons more from AWA, WWF, WCCW & more !!
- for more information on Buck, his daughter and how to see them live or book them for your shows please visit:

In the post show Jack and OIB went over tons of topics such as:
- Mike Shaw's passing
- The future of Nexus
- Michael Cole going nuts on NXT
- Wrestlemania rumors
- Jack's idea for EV2.0 and TNA
- Tommy Dreamer putting Dixie Carter over
- ROH's PPV Glory by Honor IX
- RAW's Roulette
- Too much more to even name so check it out !!!


Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 06:27, Sep 10 2010

MP3 Version

Jack one on one exclusive interview with former NXT season 3 rookie Aloisia. We went over the recent news of her being removed from NXT, how she got into WWE, the rumors on the internet and her future in WWE. Check it out !!

Larry Sweeney & Claudio Castagnoli

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 06:07, Sep 09 2010

MP3 Version

We opened the show with Larry Sweeney for his 3rd appearance on the show. Topics included:
- dipping sauces
- what he's been up to since last year
- bitterness towards pro wrestling
- his retrun after 14 months to the ring
- his promos
- hatred for Pinkie Sanchez
- Claudio Castagnoli stories
- Cary Silkin & ROH
- Chikara
- Surprise call in from Robbie Ellis
- Tons more !!!

We then were joined by Claudio Castagnoli, topics include:
- ROH show this Friday in Plymouth, Ma. for the Plymouth Memorial Hall
- Sara Del Rey
- The Kings of Wrestling's reunion
- ROH Big Bang and winning the tag titles from The Briscoes
- Swiss Money Holding
- Chikara vs the BDK
- what's needed to be Very European
- Their upcoming match with Haas and Benjamin at the Glory by Honor IX iPPV
- For more information on the iPPV please visit:

In the post show we took many calls and talked about:
- TNA No Surrender
- Cena vs Gabriel
- Spoilers for the TNA Bound For Glory PPV
- NXT Season 3 debut
- Hulk Hogan's back problems
- Subs
- Tons more so check it out ya lazy bums !!!

Buddy Landel & Friends

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 05:42, Sep 02 2010

MP3 Version:

We opened the show with Buddy Landel including many call ins from friends of Buddy. Topics include:
- Working for WWF, WCW, NWA, Memphis & SMW
- Dawn Marie's break into the business, and story involving Missy Hyatt
- His drug history and how he's now clean and looking for a major come back
- Ric Flair stories
- Calls from Sunny, Bill Apter, Pat Rose, Scott Putski, Chris Hamrick & tons more so check it out !!!

In the 2nd half of the show the IYH crew took calls and went over many topics including:
- Surprise call in with Dawn Marie
- NXT season finale
- NXT season 3 with all Divas
- WWE signing 6'9'' woman
- Monday Night RAW's 900th episode
- blue cheeseburgers from Burger King
- Luna Vachon passing away
- Chris Jericho possibly leaving
- The Goonies
- Jack's trip to WWE House Show
- Jai the low life ripping off Jack for $120
- Tons more so check it out now !!! I said NOW !!!!!

ROH's Brandon Tolle & Bobby Cruise

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 06:28, Aug 26 2010

MP3 Version:

We opened the show with ROH & NWA referee Brandon Tolle. Topics discussed:
- NWA Legends Fanfest 2010
- His start in wrestling
- ROH and the upcoming Glory by Honor IX iPPV
- Sheik's involvement with the recent Adam Pearce vs. Phill Shatter match
- General Skandor Akbar
- Tully Blanchard as a booker
- Win a date with Todd Sinclair contest & tons more !!

We were then joined by ROH ring announcer Bobby Cruise. Topics included:
- ROH and the upcoming Glory by Honor IX iPPV
- ROH's 9/10 show in Plymouth, Ma.
- His near run with WWE
- ROH signing Mike Bennett and the Briscoes
- Kevin Kelly thoughts
- Jim Cornette's impact on ROH
- ROH on HDNet
- Tyler Black going to WWE
- Haas and Benjamin in ROH
- Favorite ROH moments and tons more...for more information on ROH's schedule please visit:

In the post show we took calls and talked about:
- NXT's season finale
- Dixie Carter's Twitter
- EV2.0 vs Fortune
- Billy Gunn mistress tapes
- Serena being fired
- The Miz vs John Cena
- Tons more including Jack giving away the tees off his back !!

B. Brian Blair & Mikey Whipwreck

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 06:14, Aug 19 2010

MP3 Version:

We opened the show with B. Brian Blair. Topics include:
- Wrestling in Japan
- Breaking into the business in Florida
- The Killer Bees gimmick
- Masked confusion
- The Iron Sheik drama
- The Hart Foundation
- Jim Brunzell
- His platform for State Rep Florida State House District 47
- For more information on Brian's campaign please visit:

In the 2nd hour we were joined by Mikey Whipwreck. Topics include:
- TNA EV2.0
- Hardcore Justice
- Dixie Carter
- Paul E. and what he could do for TNA
- Music in ECW
- WCW stint
- Bobby the Brain Heenan
- The influence of ECW good and bad
- One Night Stand
- ECW on SyFy
- Tajiri & Father James Mitchell
- Working with Terry Funk, Mick Foley, Sabu, Justin Credible, Little Guido etc.
- Tons more !!
- For more information on Mikey's wrestling promotion please visit:


In the pre and post shows we talk about the rasslin, including:
- NXT and the eliminations
- Becky Bayless going to TNA
- RAW and the Nexus rebuild
- Summerslam and the return of Bryan Danielson
- WWE.com leaking the news
- Tons more so check it out !!

Hardcore Justice & NWA Fanfest

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 06:42, Aug 12 2010

MP3 Version

The first hour we review our 5th annual Fanfest trip including:
- IYH fans Vann, Spec Sun, The Pain Train, Carroll Crockett, Cincinnati Jack, The Playboy, Spacemountain and many others.
- JR's BBQ
- Hall of Heroes
- Sitting with Terry Funk
- Adam Pearce, Davey Richards, Phill Shatter, Bryan Danielson, Action Jackson, Zach Salvation, Caprice Coleman, Kamala, The Manscout, Chase Stevens matches
- OIB's shoe falling apart
- People we buried
- Tons of other stories with Jack, OIB and The Flea so check it out !!

In the 2nd half we reviewed Hardcore Justice and talked about the future of EV2.0 in TNA plus RAW and the upcoming Summerslam PPV.

Fanfest 2010

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 00:52, Aug 11 2010

MP3 Version

Live from the 2010 NWA Legends Fanfest OIB and Jack E. Jones along with the IYH fan crew, The Stro, NWA Ref Brandon Tolle, David Marquez, IYH legend George South and NWA World Champion Scrap Iron Adam Pearce !!!

Thanks to:

Missy Samsonite

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 09:53, Jul 29 2010

We opened the show with Missy Samsonite of Dangerous Women of Wrestling. In this 2 hour interview we covered:
- Dangerous Women of Wrestling's All In PPV
- DWOW TV Deal on the Fight Network
- Her start with DWOW
- Views on strippers, Shimmer, GLOW, valets and even ballsacs
- Marriage proposals
- Ring rats
- Midgets
- ECW and competing in the ECW Arena
- The Blue Meanie, Roxxi, Sarah Del Ray, the late Trent Acid and many other works
- Tons more so check it out !!!

For more information on Dangerous Women of Wrestling please visit:

In the post show Jack, Barbie, Lil Meltz and Buck (filling in for the injured OIB) went over tons of topics including:
- Hardcore Justice
- Tons of ECW talk
- An invasion that could work
- The Wrestling Observer Decade Awards
- Hogan marriages
- Haas and Benjamin to ROH ?
- NWA Fanfest in Charlotte
- WWE axing women over 30
- Vince McMahon interview
- Macho Man rumors and his new WWE action figure
- Hall of Fame rumors about Arn Anderson, The Freebirds and Ultimate Warrior
- Summerslam 14 man elimination match
- RAW and the Nexus angle
- MXT season 2
- The Knockout Division and the biker chick
- Smackdown's continued depush
- Evil scientists and a whole lot more so check it out !!!

Mystery Prize

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 07:45, Jul 22 2010

Jack and the Inch-daddy talked to callers for over 3 hours and gave away a mysterious prize at the end of the show, check it out. Topics include:
- Full WWE MITB PPV review
- Buff Bagwell's retirement
- Jai's return to the show crawling on his hands and knees
- Invasion angles galore
- NXT vs Cena Brigade
- NXT Season 2
- Jay Lethal's push following his win over Flair
- TNA Impact
- Kevin Nash's recent comments
- Brian Kendrick's push
- Abyss beating his meat
- The ECW invasion of TNA
- "The Riot Makers"
- A heel Cena ?
- Randy Orton's progress as a face
- Diva news
- Tara returning to TNA
- Knockout division's current state
- Exfoliating with loofahs
- Tons more !!!

Raymond Rougeau & Danny Hodge

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 11:44, Jul 16 2010

We opened the show with Ray Rougeau. Topics include:
- His father smartening him up to the business.
- The Rougeau Family.
- French Canadians being heels in the rest of Canada.
- The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers.
- Pat Patterson.
- Vince McMahon.
- Working with The Hart Foundation, Iron Sheik, Bulldogs, Garvin Brothers, Rockers, Dream team & More.
- The infamous story of Jacques and Dynamite Kid's fight.
- His days as a play by play man.
- Renee Dupree, Daivari, PCO, TNA and tons more !!

We followed up with a true legend in professional wrestling Danny Hodge. Topics included:
- His shoot moves.
- Fans winning $5,000 if they could last 3 minutes.
- The Assassin.
- Skandar Akbar.
- Jim Ross inducting him into the Hall of Heros
- NWA Legends Fanfest this August 5th-8th Charlotte, NC for more information please visit: http://www.NWAlegends.com

In the post show the IYH Crew went over the week in rasslin'.
- NXT Season 2
- TNA Victory Road
- ECW invasion of TNA
- JR being punished over being at a UFC fight
- Jerry Lawler suing Corey Maclin
- Shane McMahon bringing cricket to USA
- HHH or Cena being rumored to lead the Nexus
- Tons more plus OIB's breakdown !!

New Podcast, MP3 version

Tommy Young

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 07:56, Jul 08 2010

We were joined by Tommy Young at the beginning of the 2nd hour. Topics in this nearly 3 hour interview included:
- his "flying" style
- Jim Cornette and Midnight Express vs Rock N Roll Express
- Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat matches
- Ricky Steamboat's condition
- The Dragon DVD
- Jackie Crockett call-in
- His career ending injury in a match with Tommy Rich
- Stan Hansen, Greg Valentine, Rick Steiner, Vader, Dr Death, Manny Fernandez and tons of other workers
- WWE's NWA angle
- Chris Benoit
- Ric Flair "pooping" his pants in the ring
- NWA Legends Fanfest this August 5th-8th Charlotte, NC for more information please visit:

Topics in the rest of the show with the IYH Crew and callers included:
- Nexus vs John Cena
- Velvet Sky's pay in TNA
- thoughts on a Ric Flair or Hulk Hogan TNA title reign
- The NWA Fanfest
- Jay Lethal's progression
- Rock's new films
- Wrestlers' love for UFC
- NXT Season 2 and the promo contest
- Husky Harris
- More drunken Jai phone call clips
- Tons more !!!

Harley Race

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 05:33, Jul 01 2010

We opened the show and recapped RAW, then we were joined by Harley Race, topics discussed:
- Terry Funk vs. Dory Funk in the ring
- Johnny Valentine
- CM Punk
- Hulk Hogan
- Cage matches
- Car Trips
- Bruno Sammartino
- NWA Legends Fanfest this August 5th-8th Charlotte, NC for more information please visit:

In the post show we took many calls and talked about the week in rasslin, topics include:
- Nexus beat down on the legends
- Ricky Steamboat's DVD
- Matt Striker's commentary on a Flair Steamboat match
- Abraham Washington as GM
- Hulk Hogan's back troubles
- TNA Impact
- Half Pint Brawlers
- Ed Ferrara firing from TNA
- Drew McIntyre and Wade Barrett being deported
- 1st clip of the infamous drunken Jai call and tons more !!!


Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 04:51, Jun 24 2010

We took calls all show and talked about many subjects before being joined by the new RAW GM for an exlusive interview. Topics include:
- NXT season 1 becoming the Nexus
- Fatal 4 Way PPV recap
- Rey Mysterio and Sheamus winning the titles
- Alicia Fox as new Diva's champ
- Ric Flair vs Jay Lethal woo off from iMPACT
- Matt Striker referencing the Jumping Bomb Angels and King and Cole's response
- NXT season 2 hopefuls
- Half Pint Brawlers
- Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair wrestling on upcoming PPV
- Abyss heel turn
- Desmond Wolfe being replaced by Kaz
- 4 hours of TNA starting soon
- Bret Hart leaving WWE
- Jim Ross at Fanfest
- Vince's beat down by the NXT invasion
- ECW invasion coming to TNA
- Savannah fired from WWE
- Owen's widow Martha's lawsuit against WWE
- Tons more so check it out !!!

Warning Choking Hazard

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 05:59, Jun 17 2010

The IYH Crew took calls and talked about tons of topics including:
- Bryan Danielson's firing from WWE over choking, and if it's a work or not
- NXT invasion
- TNA Slammiversary PPV recap
- women's wrestling in TNA and WWE
- NXT season 2
- Roxxi and ODB leaving TNA
- Half Pint Brawlers
- RAW this week and the guest host
- upcoming guest hosts of RAW
- world affairs with President Clinton
- Lacey Von Erich posing topless
- John Cena's lack of selling the NXT Invasion
- Scott Hall's firing and stripping of the tag belts of The Band
- Tons more !!!

Tully Blanchard

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 09:23, Jun 10 2010

We opened the show with the return of Tully Blanchard. Topics included:
- I Quit Match with Magnum TA
- 1st Blood Match with Dusty Rhodes
- Crockett Cup Tournaments
- JJ Dillon's role with the Horsemen
- Horsemen reunion on 2009 Fanfest
- wrestling psychology
- Wahoo McDaniel
- Dory vs Terry Funk
- his father Joe Blanchard
- Johnny Valentine
- NWA Legends Fanfest this August 5th-8th Charlotte, NC for more information please visit:

In the 2nd half we took calls and discussed:
- Jack's stance on steroids
- NXT Invasion on RAW
- NXT Season 2
- A-Team on RAW
- TNA Slammiversary PPV line up
- RVD as champion
- Jack meeting the Fink at the Conan O'Brien Tour
- Fanfest news
- Much more including some talk not suitable for all ages..

Violent J & Kevin Kleinrock

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 05:02, Jun 03 2010

We opened the show with Violent J of the ICP. Topics discussed:
- JCW Juggalo Championship Wrestling's nation wide Happy Daze Tour
- JCW lack of media coverage
- Juggalos as fans and their acceptance of others
- Favorite cities
- Corporal Robinson, Weedman and Mad Man Pondo
- Slam TV on Youtube
- Butterbean
- working with Abdullah the Butcher, Terry Funk, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Tracy Smothers, DDP and other legends
- Flashlight wrestling
- Violent JJ vs Colby Corino dream match
- Tons more...to check on Happy Daze and The Gathering dates please visit:

We followed up with Kevin Kleinrock:
- Viva La Lucha on PPV starting June 11th
- LA Park, Sabu, Hijo De Rey Misterio and others
- The future plans of the show
- Larry Rivera and GQ Money on commentary
- Spanish and English commentary
- Masked Republic's merchandise
- For more information on Viva La Lucha please visit:

In the post show Jack, Incher and Barbie took some calls and discussed:
- NXT's season 1 finale
- NXT season 2 rookies
- RAW with Ashton Kutcher
- Kutcher not even being there
- Evan Bourne's main event push
- Santino with Eve
- Bryan Danielson vs Michael Cole saga
- Eric Bischoff's Twitter
- Hogan's back surgery
- Ric Flair vs Greg Price
- Half Pint Brawler's debut
- TNA Impact's camera work
- Edge needing to be back on the roids
- Jack's inuagural "Total Fag of the Week"

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