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Wrestling of the Week & Dr. Mike Lano

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 06:34, Oct 17 2007

This week the IYH crew talked about the week in wrestling. The TNA Bound for Glory PPV, Kevin Nash as possible World Champion, The Steiner Brothers as possible tag champions, ECW and Smackdown brands merging, WWE releasing Davari and Teddy Hart and much more including the upcoming WWE Cyber Sunday PPV.

We were also joined by wrestling historian Dr. Mike Lano who went over the upcoming Wrestle Fan-Fest at the Cow Palace this weekend in California. If you are in the area this weekend and would like a free ticket valued at over $300 please email Mr. Lano at WReaLano@aol.com and mention IYH.

For more information on the huge event please visit...

Ken Gelman

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 04:07, Oct 10 2007

We were joined by "The man who brought ROH to PPV" G-Funk President Ken Gelman. We went over bringing ROH to PPV, what that means for ROH, what they hope to accomplish, the struggles to get it on, the ROH style, expanding ROH to a new audience and much more.

In the pre interview we went over match by match the ROH Driven PPV. In the post interview we went over WWE No Mercy, RAW, HHH, the return of HBK, TNA's 2 hour debut Impact, what John Cena means to WWE, the low RAW ratings and much much more.

Special thanks to IYH regulars El Santo and the "ROH professor" Riren.

Taryn Terrell

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 03:49, Oct 03 2007

We were joined by WWE Diva Search Finalist Taryn Terrell. We talked about the Diva Search competition, what makes her different, her passion for wrestling, her favorite divas, her athletic background and much including many call ins with her fans.

To vote for Taryn please text "Taryn" to 44993 or visit the WWE Diva site at:

For more information on Taryn or to send her a message please visit her myspace:

For more information on helping find the cure for Cystic Fibrosis please visit:

In the first half of the show the IYH crew give their thoughts on RAW and the current TNA product. We continue our TNA rant in the final segment as well as talk about the recent John Cena injury and what that can mean for WWE No Mercy this weekend.

Jessica Hatch & One Warrior Nation

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 12:20, Sep 27 2007

In the first hour we were joined by The One Warrior Nation. We went over his legal battles with WWE, working the Indy scene, Marty Jannetty, the current TV product, TNA, The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior DVD and much more. For more information on his upcoming appearances at The Dream Reunion II in Kokomo, IN. October 6th and for All Out Mayhem October 13th please visit:

In the 2nd hour we were joined by WWE 2007 Diva Search Finalist Jessica Hatch. We went over how she got into the Diva Search Competition, her desire to win, her competitive nature, pursuing an in ring wrestling career, what makes her different and much more. To vote for Jessica please text "Jessica" to 44993 or visit her official website or the WWE Diva site at:

In the pre-show the IYH crew went over the week in wrestling. Including HHH vs Carlito/McMahon from RAW, the Smackdown Wedding with Kristal and Teddy Long, RAW's depleted roster, ECW's title picture with Tommy Dreamer Elijah Burke and CM Punk, Big Daddy V love and much more including the save_us.222 WWE vignettes and the possible return of Chris Jericho ?

Finally we were joined by IYH Scientist who revealed the shocking conclusion to the illegitimate son controversy surrounding Jack.

Get Well Incher Edition

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 08:22, Sep 20 2007

In this impromptu late night edition of IYH with Jack and Riren we wish our OneInchBiceps well, and dedicate this show to him. We go over Marcus Cor Von's release, Ricky The dragon Steamboat, editing original music in WWE DVD's. As well as Tracy Smothers vs a Bear, Gordon Solie, Jack's unused TNA booking ideas, Mr. Kennedy, ECW, Mikey Whipwreck, the Penuts vs Family Circus. A heated debate between Jack and Riren over who would win in a wrestling match a crocodile or a great white shark. All this and so much more !!!

Brad Anderson & J. Kim

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 05:28, Sep 13 2007

We were joined by Brad Anderson in the first half. We talked about the legendary Anderson family. Growing up in the wrestling business, today's wrestling business, NWA, WCW, WWE, TNA. Stories on Ric Flair, his father Gene Anderson, Ole Anderson, Dustin Rhodes, David Flair, AJ Styles, Kevin Nash, Kevin Sullivan, Dusty Rhodes, CW Anderson using the Anderson name, his days as Zan Panzer & Agent Steel and much more in this one hour interview. For more information on Brad Anderson please visit...
Brad Anderson's Myspace.

In the second hour we were joined by WWE Diva Search Finalist J. Kim. She talked about growing up a wrestling fan, wanting to pursue a career in the WWE, the Diva Search, her 21st birthday, her favorite wrestler, learning to wrestle and much more.
J. Kim's Myspace.
Click here to vote for J. Kim in the Diva Search.

In the pre and post show the IYH crew discussed TNA No Surrender, TNA going to 2 hours. Vince McMahon's son on RAW, recent WWE releases, upcoming ROH PPV and much more.

Brian Knobbs

Posted in Audio Archive by Oneinchbiceps at 11:37, Sep 06 2007

We were joined by the Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs. Knobbs went over the big Dream Reunion II that takes place October 6th in Kokomo, IN. He also talked about Mick Foley, Maxx Payne, Kevin Sullivan, The Steiner Brothers, AWA, WCW, WWE and so much more including his upcoming TV Show Trailer Court Justice !!!

In the pre and post shows the IYH crew goes over the recent WWE suspensions and firing. How they changed plans for the WWE. TNA going to 2 hours, Rock's new movie, Scott Hall and Sid comeback rumors. Steve Austin's recent locker room speech at Summerslam, the NWA title tournament, Bryan Danielson's injury and much more including a clue into the identity of Jack's long lost son !!!!

The Search Continues

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 04:29, Aug 30 2007

The search for Jack's son continues. Plus we talk to the fans about wrestling in general, the running theme being is wrestling getting stale ? Big Daddy V love, Great Khali vs Rey Mysterio on the horizon, Rey's silver body paint, the return of HHH, Summerslam, TNA booking, Ultra Mantis Black and so much more in this mind boggling edition of IYH !!!! Guaranteed to overdose your senses on 100% pure grade A IYHness or your money back !!!

Warning this edition of IYH may be hazardous to your mental well being.

The Announcement

Posted in Audio Archive by Oneinchbiceps at 07:08, Aug 23 2007

Today on the show we discussed events in wrestling such as Vince?s son, Santino Marella, Austin losing his luster with the fans. Then Jack made a huge announcement that hit the IYH gang hard. What could it be? Listen and find out!

In Your Head Call in Contest

Posted in Audio Archive by Oneinchbiceps at 12:44, Aug 16 2007

On this weeks edition of In Your Head we discussed what happen after the fanfest. Then talked some wrestling of the week. Jack talked about meeting Balls Mahoney. We also held an contest for a Jack Oh Man shirt that was signed by Wrestling Super Stars at the fanfest. Lots of callers! Check it out!!!

2nd Annual Fanfest Edition

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 06:46, Aug 14 2007

Jack, OneInchBiceps and the Flea once again attended the Wrestling Legends Fanfest. We spent the weekend at the NWA Fanfest in Charlotte, NC. We taped several interviews in person while there. Listen to this special show that was taped live at the Hilton Hotel.

We go over the weekend's festivities including meeting the legends, the live wrestling matches, Hall of Heroes Dinner Banquet and so much more !!!

Interviews include Timber, Manny Fernandez, Corporal Kirschner, George South, Powers Of Pain Warlord and the Barbarian, Scooter Lesley, Ron Garvin, Stan Lane, One Man Gang, Demolition Axe/Masked Superstar Bill Eadie, Brad Anderson, Black Bart, "It's Still Real To Me" Dave Wills, Gary Hart, Skandar Ackbar, Ricky Morton, Chance Prophet, Mike Quackenbush,Bryan Danielson, ASW Promoter Gary Damron and also the fans in attendance.

Special thanks to the following websites

Tully Blanchard Returns

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 09:58, Aug 02 2007

Tully Blanchard returned to IYH. We went over many topics including his upcoming match at the NWA Legends Fanfest August 12th in Charlotte, NC. This will be Tully's final match, he will have both Baby Doll and JJ Dillon in his corner. For more informarion please visit....

Baby Doll also made a surprise call in. In the post show we took many phone calls with the IYH fans and talked about the major stories in wrestling this week.

Dustin Rhodes

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 10:36, Jul 26 2007

Dustin Rhodes joined us for a 90 minute interview. Dustin was very open and talked about many subjects covering his career. We went over the Natural in WCW, Goldust, Vince Russo, Vince McMahon, his dad Dusty, his brother Cody on RAW, the short lived Seven character and much more. Dustin went over in detail the importance of his upcoming match with Tully Blanchard in Tully's final match at the NWA Legends Fanfest August 10th-12th in Charlotte, NC. For more information on getting your tickets to this big event with 50 legends and TNA stars please visit....

Chris Cruise

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 06:00, Jul 19 2007

We were joined by Chris Cruise who went over his time in WCW. His thoughts on other commentators such as Jim Ross, Joey Styles, Scott Hudson, Mike Tenay, Don West, Michael Cole and many others. Many legends such as Jim Cornette, Lex Luger, Demolition Axe and Smash, Nikita and Ivan koloff, the 4 Horsemen and many others. We broke the big news that Ole Anderson, Tully Blanchard and JJ Dillon will be doing a spedcial Q&A on the 2007 NWA Fanfest in Charlotte, NC August 10th-12th. For more information on getting your tickets to this event which includes the Fanfest, wrestling card with legends and TNA stars, wrestler Q&A's and the Hall of Heroes award ceremony and dinner banquet please visit....

Barry Darsow

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 06:59, Jul 12 2007

We were joined by Barry Darsow, better known as Demolition Smash, The Repo Man, Krusher Krushev and The Black Top Bully. We went over the NWA Legends Fanfest August 10th-12th in Charlotte North Carolina, "The Hole in One" gimmick, Demolition vs LOD, the Powers of Pain, Mr. Fuji, Ivan Koloff, Eric Bischoff, wrestlers from Minnesota and much more.

For more information on the NWA Legends Fanfest please visit....

To visit the Brooke Hogan breast poll talked about often during the preshow please visit....
IYH Message Board

The Aftermath

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 05:20, Jun 28 2007

We discussed the tragic news of the Benoit family in the first hour. We took many phone calls and let everyone voice their thoughts and feelings on everything that happened including those of the IYH crew. It might be a little more somber version of the show than you are used to.

In the 2nd hour we tried to bring the show back to a more traditional IYH experience and discussed ECW, Ric Flair's rumored retirement, Hogan Knows Best, TNA in New England and the usual IYH banter.

The Honky Tonk Man

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 05:50, Jun 21 2007

We were joined by the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time The Honky Tonk Man. Honky went over many topics including Jake Roberts, WWE, Vince McMahon, Roddy Piper, Ric Flair, his website, people stealing his gimmick, The Ultimate Warrior, TNA, small wrestlers, the Tupelo Concession Stand Brawl, The Hall of Fame, his action figure and so much more. For more information on seeing The Honky Tonk Man live in person vs Mad Man Pondo June 28th, and Bobby Eaton June 29th in West Virginia please visit....


"Sunny" Tammy Sytch Part 2

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 07:48, Jun 14 2007

Sunny returned to IYH tonight. We went over the Indy wrestling scene, Bret Hart vs HBK, Dawn Marie, The ECW Arena, Tod Gordon, Paul Heyman, Cloudy, WWE Legends figure, the possibility of an autobiography and so much more. For more information on the PWU Crazy 8 Show June 16th at the New Alhambra Arena, including Crazy TailG8 Party please visit...


Tod Gordon

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 10:35, Jun 07 2007

Tod Gordon was our guest tonight. Tod went over his ECW days, the ECW Arena, his thoughts on the new ECW, Vince McMahon being the ECW champion, road stories with Sandman Too Cold Scorpio and much more pro original ECW and anti-new ECW. Tod also talked about his current promotion PWU (Pro Wrestling Unplugged). The talent such as Kashmere, Detox, SAT's, AMIL, Devon Moore, Pitbull Gary Wolfe, ICP, Corp Robinson and many others. The innovations like PWU website, the Commissioner Idol and The Crazy 8 Match which you can see June 16th in Philadelphia. For more information on the card, how to get tickets and on PWU itself please visit....


Steve Corino

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 03:42, May 31 2007

Steve Corino joined us for his 3rd appearance. Steve talked about his retirement tour, road stories, Hustle, current wrestling, ROH and much more including his final ECW Arena appearance June 8th vs Dustin Rhodes in a Bullrope Match. For more information on how to get tickets to this event please go to...


For more information on Steve Corino including buying some t-shirts please visit...


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